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what dictate are lives and how we live?

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Sandy Chou

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of what dictate are lives and how we live?

Significance of the text
Every culture has its own creation myth. However, the different accounts are similar in many ways. From the creation myths, we can understand what different people believes in their own ways, or by their cultures.
Coyote and the Buffalo
The World on the Turtle's Back

Summary & Theme
Don't be greedy, but be honest.
Being clever is different from being sly.
Final Question!!!!!
What dictate our lives and how do we live?

"Men are great for the dreams they have." ---Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Setting & Characters
Take place at Swah-netk'-qhu, which is the Columbia River
Sly, Clever, Greedy
Eager to fight, no mercy
Essential Question
Author's Background
The author of "
The Coyote and the Buffalo
" --
Mourning Dove
, is actually retold the story but not write the story.
She is the first female Native American novelist. "
The Coyote and the Buffalo
" is the story that she heard when she was a child, after she grew up, she start to publish the stories she heard before.

Coyote humiliates Buffalo Bull's bones and makes Buffalo Bull comes back to life to punish Coyote. Coyote soon convinced Buffalo Bull not to kill him, instead, kill the young Buffalo. Having help from Coyote, Buffalo Bull kills the young buffalo and he gives Coyote a cow for reward. The cow will never die if Coyote does not kill it. However, Coyote breaks the promise and he returns to Buffalo Bull for getting another cow. Unfortunately, Buffalo Bull refuses Coyote and stay away from him.
-Why do we root for bad guy?
1. Why does the Coyote hate the Bull Buffalo so much?
2. How does the Coyote help the Buffalo Bull to defeat the young buffalo?
3. What does Buffalo Bull give Coyote for reward?
4. What would happen if Coyote did not kills the reward?
5. Why does Buffalo Bull refuse to give Coyote the reward again?
Reading Questions!
Significance of the Text
-Understand what they believe
-Readers can learn lesson from this folktale
Author's Background
Setting and Characters
The World on the Turtle's Back
" is Iroquois Creation Myth
The term
refers to six separate Native American groups- the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk, and Tuscarora.
-Take place at a unreal world at sky world, and the time period is before all the "normal" human exist.

The Woman
The Daughter
The Twins
A pregnant woman forces her husband to get forbidden root from the Great Tree. But she accidentally falls from the hole under the Great Tree, fortunately, the animals save her and help her to plant a tree on the turtle's back. The woman gives birth to a daughter and the daughter gives birth to twins. The twins stands for things we call "good" and "bad" right now, and they fight for who is the right for a long time. At the end, the right-handed side twin wins.
Essential Question!
Reading Questions!
1. Which twin is born in the normal way? What about the other one?
2. What kind of animal does the right-handed twin create? What about the left-handed twin?
3. What kind of food does the right-handed twin create? What about the left-handed twin?
4. How does the right-handed twin defeat the left-handed twin?
5. How do people determine right or wrong from the story? Why?
How do we make sense of our world?
1. World needs balance

2. Nothing is all good and bad
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