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A Prezi about me, Naufal.

Abdurrahman Naufal

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Naufal?

Who am I? I am NAUFAL! Uh? Shame on you. I am Abdurrahman Naufal. Let me introduce myself! Who is he? Never heard of him. By the way, Tangerang is in INDONESIA I was born on 7 November 1997 in Tangerang Specifically, Banjar Wijaya B33 no. 34 Tangerang I live at Banjar Wijaya, Tangerang You don't know SMANITRA? It is SMAN 1 Tangerang, a senior high school in Tangerang. I am a student. I study at SMANITRA! Stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies, quasars, black holes and revelations. I LOVE astronomy. You read facts about Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Greyson Chance, and Cody Simpson. Why don't you read MINE? Less important facts about me.
Don't floccinaucinihilipilificate them please. I am a fan of... Yeah, this guys: My favourite film? Can you guess? Who is this? What film is this from? Or this guy? This is the kid on the previous pic. If you don't know Darth Vader, you will be force-choked. The previous two guys are him! Yup, I think that's all for now. Thank you for your attention.
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