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Cat and mouse in a haunted house

No description

Kara Vines

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Cat and mouse in a haunted house

Cat and mouse in a haunted house
The book took place in canny cat castle.
The main characters are Geronimo Stilton,Thea,Trap,and Benjamin.
The antagonist is the ghosts mummies and the witches.
The protagonist is Geronimo Stilton, Thea,Trap, and Benjamin.
Title of the book and the author
Cat and mouse in a haunted house by: Geronimo Stilton
My book report
main characters
Geronimo wanted to go see his aunt Sweetfur. He was driving down the street and he came to a haunted castle and he thought that his aunt lived their so he went in and their was crazy stuff in their like ghost,mummies,and witches and he could not find a way out. Anyway so he did not know where to got so he called Thea,Trap, and Benjamin to come and help him and they came and than they separated to find the mystery. Well they never found the mystery. Than
Halloween came around and nothing else happened.
My opinion of the book with supporting evidence
text-to-text connection
This book reminds me of goosebumps kind off like the book i am reading right now. The book I am reading right now is a little bit less scarier than goosebumps though.
I really liked this book because I love mysteries a lot so that is one way I liked this book. Another way is that it was easy for me to read and it was really interesting for me. I rate this book a 5 out of a 5.
I went threw a naber hood for Halloween and their where so many ghost,mummies, and witches and they scared me so bad i almost cried it was that bad.
text-to society connection
No nothing like that has happened to me or anybody in my family.
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