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The Hero's Journey - Finding Nemo and The Pearl

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Lexi Harrison

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey - Finding Nemo and The Pearl

The Hero's Journey - Finding Nemo and The Pearl
The Flawed Hero
In Finding Nemo, the flawed hero is Marlin, a clownfish, who is very protective, and has a love for his broken family.
The Talisman
In Finding Nemo, the talisman is the mask that the diver was wearing when they took Nemo. The mask has the address P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
Monster Battles
In Finding Nemo, the monster battles are where Bruce tries to eat Marlin and Dory, when the whale almost eats them, when Marlin swims after the boat, when Marlin and Dory escape the angler fish.
The Secret Grove
In Finding Nemo, Marlin and Nemo's seret grove is their home, the sea anemone,
The Underworld Battle
In Finding Nemo, the underworld battle is when Nemo escapes the dental office, not in the hands of Darla, by going through a drain.
Gathering Warrior Partners
In Finding Nemo, the warrior partner is Dory, who fights minor battles with Marlin.
The Comic Partner is Us
In Finding Nemo, the comic partners are the other fish in the tank, Gill, Bloat, Peach, Jacques, Bubbles, Gurgle, Deb. They help Nemo escape.
Crossing The Threshold
In Finding Nemo, crossing the threshold is when Marlin goes looking for his son, Nemo.
The Wise Guide as Mentor
In Finding Nemo, the wise guide as mentor is Dory. Dory helps Marlin as he travels to Sydney. P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, to be exact.
The Call to Adventure
In Finding Nemo, the call to adventure is when Marlins only son, Nemo, is taken by a diver.
In The Pearl, the flawed hero is Kino, a mexican man who has a love for his small family.
In The Pearl, the call to adventure is when Kino's only son, Coyotito is bit by a scorpion, and he does not know what to do.
In The Pearl, crossing the threshold is when Kino and his wife Juana visit the doctor.
In The Pearl, the wise guide as mentor is Juana, Kinos wife.
In The Pearl, the talisman is the Pearl Kino finds in the gulf, he believes it will save his son.
In The Pearl, the warrior partners are the villagers, who encourage Kino.
In The Pearl, the comic partners are Kino's brother, Juan Tomas, and his sister-in-law, Apolonia.
In The Pearl, the monster battles are when the scorpion stings COyotito, the intruder, fighting the trackers and battling greed.
In The Pearl, Kino's secret grove is his hut, and the cave. He is alone and safe in both of these locations.
In The Pearl, the underworld battle is when Kino fights the trackers on the mountains, which results in his son, Coyotito, dying.
The Elixir
In Finding Nemo, the elixir is when Nemo reunites with his father. Nemo has been wanting this his entire journey.
In The Pearl, the elixir is when the trackers are killed along with Coyotito, that makes Kino realize the sacrifices and the hard times in life,
The Reconciliation
In Finding Nemo, the reconciliation is when Nemo and Marlin make it back to their anemone safely, after they went to Sydney
In The Pearl, the reconcilitation is when Kino throws away the pearl, after he realizes it did no good at all.
The Emerging Hero
In Finding Nemo the emerging heros are Dory, Marlin and Nemo return to Nemo and Marlins anenome home.
In The Pearl, the emerging hero is Kino, hen he returns home from the mountains.
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