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Kyle VanLake

No description

Kyle VanLake

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Kyle VanLake

My First Hunting Trip
My first deer hunting trip was this year, 2013. On the first morning my Grandpa and I got out first thing in the morning. When we got to the blind it was not standing it was found in some bushes 10 feet away. We got it standing again and sat waiting for 2 hours then we seen our deer. In total we seen 13 deer in our first day.
My favorite College & Professional Teams
John Hopkins - Lacrosse
Oregon - Football
Detroit Tigers Baseball

My favorite thing to do with my Dad
My favorite thing to do with my Dad is watch sports on television and also watch the history channel.
My Favorite thing to do with my Mom
My favorite thing to do with my Mom is talk to her about my friends, what is going on in my games and stories about what is happening.
My Best Friends
Family Traditions
My family don't have many traditions.
For Valentine's day my Mom gives us a heart shaped doley. For Easter,we hide our Easter baskets thenight before Easter. On Thanksgiving & Christmas we always go to my Grand parents for dinner.
2013 Summer Trip
The summer of 2013 my Parents surprised my sister and I with our first plane trip. We went to Washington DC. We went to several memorials and museums and my favorite memorial was the Korea War memorial.
The vacation that was not fun
My parents took my Sister and I on a train trip to Chicago. The trip was fine going there but boring. When we got there it was winter and cold. My Parents decided we should walk to our hotel. We got lost and walked in circles in the cold. Finally,we had to ask where to go. The hotel was cool. Our trip there was fine but the trip home was interesting. There was a little girl that was traveling to Memphis to see her Grandma. She sat with me and my Sister and begged for food and talked a lot. It was not fun.
Favorite Cars
1. Hummer
2. Chevy Colorado
3. Audi a6
4. Chevy Tahoe
5. 1987 Chevy Trucks
Favorite Candy
1. Junior Mints
2. Milk Duds
3. Hershey Chocolate
4. Swedish Fish

3 Things I like to eat or drink
1. Chicken
2. Steak
3. Dr Pepper
About my Dad's Family
My Dad has a mother that lives in Lansing, MI. He has a older sister that lives in Portland, MIandshe has two kids. My Dad has a younger brother that lives in Los Vegas, NV.
My ninth birthday started with a baseball game I played in. When I got home I was greeted by my family. They had large gift for me. It was a gift from my Grand parents and my My Uncle Marty. When I opened I was so excited because it was a 410 shot gun. That is when I got interested in hunting.
My 9th Birthday
Kyle VanLake
I was born June 22,2001 in Sparrow hospital located in Lansing, MI. The Doctor who delivered me is Doctor John Wycoff.
My 12th Birthday
For my 12th Birthday my Dad and I went on a trip to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates vs Tigers game. Tigers didn't win but the city of Pittsburgh had a lot of fun things to do.
The most memorable fun time
When my Dewitt lacrosse team went undefeated in the Spring of 2013. We played 6 non tournament games and 3 tournament games. It was awesome to win as a team.
All the Sports I have played
Flag football
Floor Hockey

My Family
I live with my Dad, Jeff and my Mom, Nicki. I have a older sister named Abby. I have one dog named Ollie and one cat named 2fer.
My Favorite TV shows
1. FlashPoint
2. Arrow
3. Last Man Standing
Favorite Video Games
1. Battlefield4
2. Call Of Duty Ghosts
3.Fallout New Vegas
How many times have I moved?
When I was born I lived in Eaton Rapids. When I was one years old my parents moved to Safforn Hills and I have lived here since.
My Mother's Family
My Mom's Dad and his wife lives in Eaton Rapids, MI and my Grandma lives in Mason, MI. My Mom has two brothers, a older and younger brother. Her older brother lives in Mt Pleasant andhe has two kids. Her younger brother lives in Mason, MI and he has two kids too.
Christmas 2013
For Christmas this year my Parents are taking my sister and I to San Francisco,CA. I am anxious about the trip because I am not sure what it is like there.
My favorite thing to do with my Sister
My favorite thing to do with my Sister is listen to music and play xbox.
My Favorite thing to do with my Friends
My favorite things to do with my friends is talk about sports and school.
When I grow up
When I grow up I want to be in the Marines or the Air Force.
My Favorite color

My favorite color is Green.

My favorite place in my house
I like my bedroom because it is decorated with a Sports theme and is quiet in there.
Clothes Iike to wear
My favorite things to wear are Lacrosse Shorts and Sweatshirts. I don't like to dress up.
My Life by Kyle VanLake
This assignment was fun to do because I had to think about all the things I have done or like
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