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Towson University

towson govt. project 1

Victory Murray

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Towson University

On-campus housing is the most convenient option
Living on-campus allows for more interaction with students and easy access to activities and events. Bu Fall term; instate, full time tuition would be $2,748 plus
Auxiliary services fees is $686.
The athletic fee is $399 per term.
Student government association fee is $40
The technology fee is $80.
The overload surcharge fee is $40 per unit. Spring term; instate, full time tuition would be $8,504 plus
The auxilliary, athletic, student government association, technolgy, and the overload surcharge fees for outstate are the same cost as the instate fees. Cost of tuition
for different terms Rooms are available Depending on space, because Towson is a first come first served basis, rooms are available.
A multiple occupancy room is $2,760.
A single occupancy room is $3,247.
Towson ran apartments (if available) are offered; 1 bedroom apt. is $3,465
2 bedroom apt. is $3,275
4 bedroom apt. is $2830 http://wwwnew.towson.edu/housing/movingin/rhallslike.asp#housingcost http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/fiscalplanning/bursar Towson Setting and
the system Towson University is located in Baltimore MD.
TU is a public college
The population of undergraduate enrollment is 14,495 students.
TU's mascot is a tiger.
Many different athletic programs are available. When attending TU I will participate in the psycology program they offer. I want to study human care to be a phyciatrist. Towson University Main Campus/Operator Towson University, 8000 York Road, Towson, Maryland, 21252-0001, 410-704-2000 Stephen Hall Construction in 1914! Americans began to look for free public schooling after the revolution
Elected officials found dedicated and qualified teachers
Maryland in 1865 finally located funds for the first teaching training school Towson changed its name 4 times during 1935
Towson then expanded based on educational needs in 1963 offering programs in the medical area, for arts and for science
In 1946 the colleg looked like the picture on the left! Birds eye view of Towson Campus in 1946 Eventually through many changes and technological advances it was renamed Towson University.!
The 21st century had wireless connection campus-wide, "smart" classrooms, and online programs.
Many programs were added and Towson was not just for teaching teachers. Towson at its best!! I am choosing Towson because it is close to home. Towson is where my mother wants me to go. For personal reasons, I will follow my mothers ideas of the future for me. I want to be a phyciatrist. To go to Towson would be a honor for me! Towson has a 5 story building dedicated to nothing
but extensive labs, teaching, and statistical clinical areas.
Towson offers experimental psycology. Based on the opportunities Towson offers graduate students are eligible for a career in
social psychology,
clinical psychology,
educational psychology.
Towson offers the only master program in experimental psychology in Maryland. Students are able to access excellent resources.
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