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New Trends in Popular Culture

1920's: The First Decade of Our Modern Era

Hiba Cheema

on 17 January 2012

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Transcript of New Trends in Popular Culture

New Trends in Popular Culture Thank you for your attention! ENTERTAINMENT! Leisure Time: Cities
Workweek went fom 70 hrs to 45 hrs.
7 day week to 5 day week
Leisure Time: Farms
Games, songs,picnics, sports
Did not have enough time for leisurely pursuits
Motion Pictures! 60 to 100 million Americans went to movies each week Entertainment for immigrants Movie Stars: Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino,Mary Pickford Talkies The Radio and the Phonograph A standardized culture KDKA Music anytime! By: Hiba Cheema A new Mass Culture Conclusion Americans shared a popular culture as never before.... Entertainment Music Radio Dance Culture Leisure 1920's
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