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Joan Soto

on 17 January 2019

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Geographical Situation
Catalan Traditions
Languages in Catalonia
We are bilingual:

We also study other foreign languages:

We have two different flags:

Spanish flag

Catalan flag

Main Mountains
Sant Jordi
Local Cuisine
Pa Amb Tomàquet
Spanish Omelette
Other Important Artists
Wolrd War I
Civil War 1936-1939
From the Dictatorship until now
and important achievements

Olympic Games 1992
Sardana is the typical Catalan dance. People form a circle holding their hands and perform a simple dance with their feet. They may wear special clothes and shoes to do so.
Castellers are the traditional Catalan human towers. People climb on each other's shoulders to form a tower. They wear especific clothes.
It's also a Catalan tradition celebrated on 23rd April. Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia and, on this day, we give each other books and roses. It’s a very romantic day.
Paella is a typical dish from Valencia. It's prepared with rice, vegetables, meat or fish, etc… Although it is original from the Mediterranean communities, you can enjoy paella everywhere in Spain….

“Pa amb tomàquet” is a typical Catalan light dish.
You just have to spread some squashed tomato on the bread and dress it with olive oil and salt.

The omelette is a typical food of Catalonia and Spain. It is made with potatoes, eggs and oil.
Tapas are a little portion of food that Spanish people eat as starters. It's usually prepared with olives, ham, omelette, cheese,… always with bread.
Gaudí designed many fantastic monuments in Barcelona.


Parc Güell

Sagrada família


World War II
The Olympic Games were celebrated in Barcelona in 1992.

This has been the most important sport event in the history of the city.

Futbol Club Barcelona

It is the best football team in the world. It has lots important player, like Leo Messi. In 2010, they won all the possible competitions. The coach was Pep Guardiona, a Catalan sportsman born in Santpedor.
Marc Márquez

He won the 2013 MotoGP World Championship.
He was born in Cervera, it is a village in Catalonia.

Pau Gasol
He is a Lakers player. He plays in the NBA. He was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Catalonia.

Montserrat it is a famous mountain range in Catalonia. It is special because of its very characteristic topography.

The Pyrenees are a mountain range that forms a natural border between France and Catalonia.

Pedraforca is a mountain in Cadi Natural Park. This montain has a very peculiar shape.

Spain and Catalonia stood neutral during World War I. Nevertheless, our industry took advantage of the sale of arms to both opponents
Although Spain was officially non-belligerent in World War II, we took part in the conflict:

1. Spanish fascists supported the German and Italian armies in the battle of Stalingrad.

2. The Republican refugees from the Spanish Civil war joined the French army. Thousands of them were imprisoned in concentration camps, especially in Mauthausen
It was a conflict between the Nationalists (fascist party) and Republicans (democrats).
The fascists won the war and established a dictatorship that lasted 35 years.
After 35 years without freedom and without rights, the dictator Francisco Franco died in 1975 and the government established a Democracy.
Spain became a Parliamentary Monarchy.
In 1986 Spain joined EU
La Seu
Parc de l'agulla
La Cova
La Buresa
La Seu
Parc de l'Agulla
La Cova
La Buresa
Manresa's emblem

Special Dates
On 12th October 1492, Christopher Columbus first reached the American continent

11th September
On 11th September 1714 Catalonia lost all its autonomic rights and became part of the Spanish Crown. On this date, we pay homage to those who died defending our history, identity and culture.
The Mysterious Light of Manresa
This is a deeply-rooted tradition in Manresa. According to the legend, on 21st February 1345 a mysterious light came from the top of the Montserrat mountain and reached the altar of one of the local churches. Thanks to this miracle, Manresa was granted permission to built an irrigation system which allowed the city to prosper

Catalonia is living an important part of its history. Most of the Catalan population has been considering the possibility of becoming an independent state but still being part of the EU.
Until now, the Spanish government has been refusing the demands of the Catalan society including a referendum. That's why there have been several demonstrations supporting our right to express our opinion (the last one, the Catalan Way).

Andrea Gordillo
Aitor Garrido
Mar Parra
Brief History Of Spain
Carolingian Empire
During these times, Catalonia was part of the Marca Hispànica, which worked as a defense border for the Carolingian Empire.
The Moorish invasion
Moorish lived in Spain from 711-1492 C.E
They spoke Arabic
One of the most important monuments left in Spain is the Alhambra.
Succession War
In 1714,Catalonia lost his autonomic rights and became part of the Spanish crown
The Romans inhabited the Iberian Peninsula from 200 BCE-400 CE
They spoke Latin
A major thing they first introduced into this area was the religion of Christianity
Roman Aqueduct
An aqueduct is a canal or passage through which liquid passes
The purpose is to transport water over great distances
Segovia, Spain
Juan de Banos Church
Banos de Carrato
The Juan de Banos church is a Visigoth church used to worship the religion and beliefs of the Visigoths.
Moor Mosque
Located in Granada, Spain
A mosque is a place of Muslim worship
Its purpose is to allow Muslims to express their religion
Marriage of Isabel and Ferdinand
In 1469 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were married. Ferdinand was from Aragon, and Isabella was from Castile. Their marriage is the birth of the Spanish crown
200 BC - 400 AD
800-888 AD
1469 AD
The Discovery of America
Meanwhile, Catalonia got divided in two parts
After some time Catalonia joined other Kindoms and they became The Crown Of Aragon.
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