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BPOL Project Management Information System

No description

Harrison Flakker

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of BPOL Project Management Information System

Integrated Project Management
Proprietary approach to incremental Process Improvement
Structured, Yet Flexible
Total Project Delivery
Integrated professional project coordinators
Identify, organize and qc files
Manage current set and historic revisions
Broadcasts to prospective bidders
Manage Plan Holders List
Supervise online Print orders
Personal contact for verification and completeness
Print Fulfillment
Cloud Storage
Secure and Reliable File Management
ABC Imaging: Global Leader
Project Information Management
Easy To Use
Document Management
Easily organize, manage and share files world-wide
Quickly preview and annotate important documents
Solve the ‘Big Files’ problem
Provide digital or paper copies around the globe
Integrated print fulfillment
No flash drives or local copies
Manage audit trails
Register, deliver and track submittals and transmittals
Project Management
Partner with Domain Experts
Incrementally improve workflow and processes
Annotate, comment and embed information about the files
Send and manage Bid Invitations
Manage project contacts
Project dashboard to track and manage construction details
24 / 7 Customer support
Simple, Secure Sharing
Upload and share important documents
Cost-effective (No Investment in hardware / software)
Reliable Technology / No upgrades required
File Recovery with versioning
Centralized administration (Permissions, User Access)
Distribute around the corner or around the globe
Reduce Print and Paper usage

Domain Experts
600 global employees in 100 cities
Integrated Print Fulfillment
Share And Collaborate
BPOL Managers supervise PRINT orders
FM/VFM integration allowing for multiple sized projects
BPOL Managers are a personal contact for file verification and Completeness

Trusted and Reliable Partner
Big Picture: Our Differentiation
Easy to Use AND Introduces Structure
Improved productivity through automation
High user adoption (works the way you work)
Review documents without printing
Easily retrieve documents and emails
Demonstrated ROI

Easy to use File Management
The latest in web technology
World-class data center
Redundancy / Disaster Recovery
File retrieval
Industry leader
24/7 customer support
Subject matter experts
Client Bill of Rights – We think in terms of ‘results’
Embrace transparency
Capture, measure and improve results to show cost-effectiveness
“Manage up” – communicate the value being delivered
Manage the project of ‘continual process improvement’
We are an extension of your team
Organize and Share
Quickly view from anywhere
Limit downloads
Track users activity
Annotate drawings
Meaningful collaboration
* Easily provide the right information to the right people - Access online, anytime from anywhere
* Search, view, order and distribute sets or sheets
* Demonstrate Return on Investment of time and resources
Manage with Insight
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