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Building an Open Source Cellular Network at Burning Man


Johnny Diggz

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Building an Open Source Cellular Network at Burning Man

Johnny Diggz
Building an Open Source Cell Network at Burning Man
10 Principles of Burning Man
IRdg (iPost Unified Messaging)
Voxeo Corporation
Geeks Without Bounds
Factur Makerspace
Radical Inclusion
Radical Self-reliance
Radical Self-expression
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility
Leaving No Trace
Data (2012)
5 Sites
9 dBi omni antennas on masts ranging from 20' to 40' in height.
Approx 1100 Subscribers registered on the network
8000 phone calls to the outside world
Burning Man Network Capabilities
Playa 2 Playa Voice Calls
Playa 2 Playa SMS
Outbound Calls (via Tropo)
Limited Inbound calls
Group SMS messaging
Voice Message Board
Exodus SMS Alerts
Weather Alerts
Handset Requirements
Unlocked quad-band GSM phones
Quad band prepaid T-Mobile probably your best bet (or non-US phones).
We provided SIM cards at our camp
(and sometimes feature phones if we had any left)
Willow Brugh
Geeks Without Bounds
Center for Civic Media
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Roddenberry Disaster Response Team
Space Federation
Lessons Learned
Opt-in (most people don't)
Seamless handset registration
Don't SMS all users at once with the location of your camp!
"Do you want me to help you make your phone work, or do you just need to make a phone call?"
tomorrow afternoon
Sunday 10:00 with fellow @GWOBorg-er @lishevita
Ratchet Response Circus
Nov 21-23 in Portland
Emergent Infrastructure Challenge
Mozilla Emergency Badges
Thank you.
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