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The Anime Bleach

Joseph Lopez

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Bleach

Ichigo kurosaki Main character in bleach. Ichigo started out as a normal teen in high school. When Ichigo was normal he always stuck up for others. He always helped his friends. Ichigo's life changed on the he met a soul reaper named Rujkia Kuchiki. When Ichigo met Rukia a monster called a hollow attacked Ichigo's house. When the hollow destroyed Ichigo's house it attacked Ichigo's sisters: Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki. Karin Yuzu Wanting to protect his sisters, Ichigo attacked the hollow head on. Knowing that hollow would continue to attack Ichigo's family after it ate Ichigo, Rukia jumped in front of Ichigo as the hollow attacked. The hollow's sharpe teeth shreded Rukia's shoulder causing her to lose a lot of blood. Ichigo wanting to help made a deal with Rukia. Since she could not fight he would fight for her by becoming a soul reaper. There are only two ways to become a soul reaper. One you have to go through years of training in the soul society. Two a current soul reaper must stab you with his or her zanpakuto giving some or all of their power. What ever way you choose you have to die first. Since they're in a rush, they don't have an option. When Rukia gave Ichigo her powers she only ment to give him half of her power but he took all of them leaving her a normal human. Ichigo quickly killed the hollow saving his family and Rukia, but since he took her powers he must help her untill she can fight again. As time goes by the soul society (heaven) finds out that Rukia gave her power to a human, which is forbidden. Rukia is taken back to the soul society and sentenced to death. Ichigo who has befriended Rukia travles to the soul society with the help of Kisuke a banished soul reaper. Before going to the soul society Ichigo trains with Kisuke, and gains his own soul reaper powers With his new powers Ichigo goes to the soul society to save Rukia, he is joined by friends who have powers of their own. Ichigo Orihime Uryu Chad After locating Rukia, Ichigo and his friends run into the Gotei 13 (the army of the soul society). While his friends use themseleves as decoys Ichigo runs to where Rukia is being held only to run into Kenpachi Zaraki Catptain of squad 11. During the battle Ichigo unlocks his bankai (the final transformation of a zanpakuto/sword). Ichigo beats Kenpachi but soon runs into Byakuya, Rukia's older brother. Byakuya, is also a captain but he is much stronger than Kenpachi. Ichigo quickly learns that he must become stronger to beat him, when he goes through a small transformation. Ichigo gains a hollow mask that unlocks a great amount of hidden power. Ichigo and Byakuya fight with everything they but as the battle goes on they both get tired and weak.
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