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Three Views of Lync

No description

Roger Navarro

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Three Views of Lync

Three Views of Lync
Lync ≥ Telephone
Unexpected use cases for Lync online at The Asia Foundation (TAF)
Demo and Questions
Forks in the Road
Instant Messaging
Group Chat
Voice Calling & Conferencing
Video Calling & Conferencing
Screen Sharing
Whiteboard Sharing
File Transfer
Lync is a Communications Layer
What to think about before you deploy Lync
Best Practices
Lync Server versus Lync Online
Fundamental differences between Lync Server and Lync Online
No PSTN voice in Lync Online
No hardware required for Lync Online
Lync Server requires specialized (and rare) skillsets
Defining factor - will Lync integrate with or replace your current PBX?
Extending Lync
Why Lync?
Cost Savings - Conferencing ROI alone can often justify project costs
Flexibility - enable "work anywhere"
No need to purchase $300+ IP phones
SIP trunking - consolidation of PSTN ports, resiliency and flexibility
When you don't know what you don't know
Rarely is "Lync" a one person application
SIP changes everything
Decide on integration vs. replacement early
User training and adoption is the most important step most deployments miss
Why and why not to federate
How does Skype fit in?
900 staff
21 offices, 18 in developing Asia
Lync rolling out as part of O365 E3, over 14 months
Lync 2013 client connecting to Lync online
Lync web client not in use (pre-wave 15)
Two countries without official Lync support, works ok
Skype federation turned on first week
Surprises (good)
Quick adoption
HD voice trumps video
15 kbps/staff enough
Lync status = Twitter (Yammer foreshadow?)
POTS integration rarely used/sought
Meetings/webinars with outside parties requested because it's "more reliable than Skype."
Surprises (Grr)
Web client (2010) doesn't work - no voice or video
Voice conferencing - 3 vendors, limited service options
Outages not well documented or explained
Doesn't happen, but hours at a time when it does
No metrics or dashboard yet
Privacy concerns - activity hours counter, archived conversations
Value to TAF
Pictures matter - OneTAF
IM and voice are core use
Ad-hoc and planned (Outlook Lync meetings) equal use
Searchable IM, voice
SharePoint Online integration - co-editing documents while chatting
True community of practice - Myanmar office opens after 40 yrs - only on Lync!
Extra Ugly
Extra Good
+ Multi-party, active video
+ Fully featured Web client
+ Non-MSFT mobile clients
+ Low-cost endpoints

Extra Surprise!
+ Extensible call handling
+ Advanced life safety / E911
+ Strong non-MSFT support
+ "Lync Room System"
+ Premier Support is indirect
Lync (2013)
- Who manages it?
- PSTN gateways
- Mobile client
- Build beside
- Home routers/firewalls
- Conference calling
Microsoft Lync from three points of view:
Office 365 adopter
Lync voice adopter
Session Objectives
Understand Lync
Understand what it can deliver
Sample Lync flavors
Implementation tips
Thanks for Attending!
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