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Pop (Music) & Twerking (Which Involves Popping)

No description

Felicia Youngblood

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Pop (Music) & Twerking (Which Involves Popping)

Pop (Music) & Twerking (Which Involves Popping)
"Make It Clap"
Busta Rhymes ft. Sean Paul & Spliff Star
"Shake It Off"
Taylor Swift
"Baby Got Back"
Sir Mix-a-Lot
What is
New Orleans Bounce
Southern Hip Hop
World Styles
LGBT Community
Musical Characteristics
Strong, quick beat
Brief, repetitive melody
Sampling (Esp. from "Drag Rap")
Shouting to cue breaks
Electronic & Natural Instruments
Promoting roots
"Drag Rap (Triggaman)"
The Showboys
If bounce has been around for so long, why are we just now hearing about it?
Distribution & Earlier Hits
Big Freedia
Block Parties
"Whistle While You Twurk/Twerk"
Ying Yang Twins
"Back That Azz Up"
Juvenile ft. Mannie Friesh & Lil' Wayne
Current Buzz
Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA Performance
Syreeta McFadden Response
"...when did black women become proxy and prop for what is 'sexy' or 'cool'?"
"That Build a Bear mirror of horrors aping the idea that sexy and ghetto and ‘ratchet’ are quintessentially black."
"But she hasn’t given me any comfort that she understands the complexities of black identity in white America. Hell, that she understands the depth of the political, social and cultural implications of my body in these spaces."
"Slut Shaming"
What implications are there for black women's bodies on stage?
"Black Sound" & Dance
Broadcasting Black Girls' "Net Worth"
Kyra Gaunt
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