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American Gangsters of the 1920's.

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Anja Heddle

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of American Gangsters of the 1920's.

American Gangsters of the 1920's -In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution banned the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol for consumption.
-Many gangs sold alcohol illegally for huge profit
-Used violence to stake turf and protect their interest.
-Police and politicians were paid off or extorted to ensure continued operation. Where Did They Come From? - Many immigrants and cultural developments in 1920s

- Many had a "cause"/ point to make. Prohibition Gangsters New York Gangsters - Huge profit - Controlled liquor, prostitution & gambling - Violence was business not personal - View: Romantic, quick money, danger - Most gangsters murdered by rivals or law enforcement or arrested The Violence Valentine's Day Massacre-
- 1929, 7 members of O'Banion gang murdered How It Worked -Democratic - Member received portion of loot equal to participation - Street battles for control Chicago Gangsters of the 1920's New york gangsters

There were some famous gangsters from New york now mind you not as famous as Al Capone .
though you still had money laundering, drugs, alcohol smuggling and crimes.
some of the names in New York were frank Costello, Jack Diamond, Arnold Rothstein and more. - Legitimate enterprises and illegal - Al Capone opened some of first soup kitchens - Capone known for cold blooded violence.
Invited 3 of his gang to dinner. After they ate had them tied up and personally beat them before shooting them in the head. Frank Costello

Frank Costello was very well know in the "underworld". He was known for the way he settled business with no force. No people hurt, little detection and getting things done is what brought this man in to the high ranks of the U.S mafia. He was considered a genius when it came to making money. he ran part of the smuggling game, politics and even gambling. Alphonse Capone was born in New York City by two parents Gabriel and Teresa Capone. Capone's parents immigrated to the United States in 1893 from Naples, Italy. Al Capone & Moran- Dean O'Banion At about the age of eleven Capone became a member of a juvenile gang in his neighborhood. While this was taking place, around the year 1900, about eleven percent of all the foreign born population in the United States were Italian. Capone was forced to either deal with a miserable low wage job with a hopeless future or make an improvement for himself by committing first minor, then serious crimes. Al Capone's philosophy was that laws only applied to people who had enough money to live by them. Arnold Rothstein

Arnold Rothstein was considered the real-life image of the great Gatsby. He was the one that brought most of the underground activities to Manhattan. he provided speakeasies, show girls, drugs and more. But he didn't just stop there. He "fixed" baseball games and "fixed" the world series which he is best known for. Weapons Fashion - Tommy Guns -Pocket Pistols - Colt .38 Revolver -Silk Suits
-Diamond Rings
"The 1920s gangster and bootlegger "above the law" lifestyle brought money, fame, nice clothes, women, cars, and homes." 1920 gangs gangs in the 1920's could also be called mobs or the Mafia. How the mafia worked is there would be a god father which is like the president of the whole operation. he would then have people to work for him in illegal ways to make high amounts of money. this would include
-money loaning
-money laundering
-drugs and alcohol
-many more -White Silk Handkerchiefs
- Diamond Studded Platinum Watch and Chains In 1920, Capone moved to Chicago to work for Johnny Torrio, a syndicate chief. The Torrio-Capone gang engaged in war with other mobs, killing rival leaders, such as Charles Dion O'Bannion in 1924. Capone soon took control from Torrio & organized the syndicate with a plan to make crime in Chicago and throughout the United States run like a business monopoly. "American Dream" -Flashy Cars -Trilby Hats -Suspenders -Wing Tipped Shoes Through violence, using sawed-off shotguns & machine guns, Capone became king of the Chicago underworld, "The Master Criminal." His henchmen machine-gunned to death seven members of the Moran gang on February 14, 1929, in what became known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. -Butterfly Knives & Razors 1920's gangster "respect" Sawed off Shotgun The crime is this age was very strict. If you didn't fallow the rules with your boss yourself could depend on it. There was little in the way of mercy. If lied or stole from your own members you would be immediately out of the gang and hiding for your life. Thompson (MG) In January 1947 Capone had a massive brain hemorrhage and died. Fun Fact: He grew up in the slums of Brooklyn & received the nickname "Scarface" as the result of a knife wound (3 scars on the left side of his face) inflicted by Frank Galluccio, a tough hood, in a quarrel about a girl at a Brooklyn bar in 1917. Jack 'Machine Gun' McGurn. He was born James DeMora and lead a good family life in Chicago up until the day the Genna gang of Chicago's Little Italy murdered his father for selling moonshine without the gangs approval.
The legend goes that the young teenage Jack McGurn soaked his hands in the blood of his murdered father and swore revenge on his killers. Jack spent the next few years perfecting his aim with a gun, shooting birds on overhead wires with a small caliber rifle, and training as a boxer. He boxed as a welterweight for a time as Battling Jack McGurn but eventually went back to his vendetta against the Genna's and joined up with Alfonse Capone's gang.
McGurn became one of Capone's top hit men, becoming especially adept in the use of the latest Mob acquisition, the Tommy gun. Thus, 'Battling' Jack McGurn became 'Machine Gun' Jack McGurn. What were Gangs Gangs in the U.S were pretty much giant organizations the are involved with the illegal under world. These organizations would provide illegal activities and goods. There are still gangs today that are a branch of of the 1920's, for example biker gangs. Other stuff about gangs The 1920 gangs were not just involved in making money for themselves in drugs and robberies. Even though it was there main goal they also were a big part of the home development of there time. They also worked through the law, corruption, and sometimes even politics. THE END
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