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Lee Moon Sae + Big Bang: Sunset Glow

No description

Lisa Xiong

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Lee Moon Sae + Big Bang: Sunset Glow

Lee Moon Sae +Big Bang:
‘Sunset Glow’ Big Bang covers Lee Moon Sae's song. 'Sunset Glow' Lee Moon Sae
'Sunset Glow'
lyrics Big Bang
'Sunset Glow' Music Opinion was released in 1988 in Lee’s 5th album “Standing Under Tree Shade”
is a piece composed by composer Lee Young Hun.
The song was remade by many underclassmen singers, like Big Bang who release their cover in 2008. Lee Moon Sae’s voice has a soothing rhythm when the song gets slow, then picks up energy as it transitions into the melody. The song has a slower tempo and sounds more soothing compare to the chorus of the song. Because of the popular culture, the song definitely sounds a bit out dated. The slight overuse the trumpets and other instruments shows that the song from the 80's. Lee Moon Sae even sings Big Bang's version of 'Sunset Glow' whenever he is performing to a younger crowd. Since Big Bang's song is part of the popular culture, the younger crowd will tend to enjoy it more when he sings Big Bang's version instead of his original. Composers: 이영훈 + Teddy + G-Dragon
Lyrics: 이영훈 + G-Dragon
Arrangements: Teddy In my opinion I like Big Bangs cover song more than the original. Big Bang's cover is more interesting and entertaining to me. The song makes me feel happier than the original song by Lee Mun Sae. Also seeing them perform seems so much fun. (Lee Moon Sae-Sunset Glow) 이문세 - 붉은 노을 붉게 물든 노을 바라보면
슬픈 그대 얼굴 생각이나 고개 숙이네
눈물 흘러 아무말 할수가 없지만

*난 너를 사랑해. 이 세상 너 뿐이야.
소리쳐 부르지만 저 대답없는 노을만 붉게 타는데

그 세월속에 잊어야 할 기억들이
다시 생각나면 눈 감아요
소리없이 그 이름 불러요
아름다웠던 그대 모습 다시 볼 수
없는것 알아요
후회없어 저타는 노을 붉은 노을처럼


어데로 갔을까, 사랑하던 슬픈 그대 얼굴 보고싶어
깊은 사랑 후회없어, 저타는 붉은 노을처럼

* Performers: Big Bang Big Bang - Sunset Glow Big Bang Sunset Glow lyrics [TOP] let's go
[GD] yezzir (haha)
[TOP] we're back again with lee mun sae
[GD] that's right, fresh collaboration
[TOP] 2008
[GD] it's BIG BANG (yea, yea, whassup)

[TOP] dear do you know, i really miss you right now
i wipe off tears with my head down, i call your name
[YB] did you really have to leave me like this
[TOP] my head hurts when i think about you, (you're) like really strong alcohol

[GD] would it be just alcohol? you are a sickness. i lie down everyday, how many times has it been?
i will forget for a bit tomorrow then i will think (of you) again day after tomorrow
what can i do, my love is still valid
i believe that you will come back, i wait for you only

i love you, you are the only one in this world
i shout out loud but only that unanswerable sunset is burning bright Big Bang made the song into a completely different song. The music video was made to remind people about Korea's Oil Spill which help people look back about an incident that people started to forget about. Big Bang's cover song is made to sound more upbeat and pleasant. Bangs has powerful vocals that bring the happiness in the song. Their whole song is sung at a faster tempo than Lee Moon Sae. The song seems to have more of a rhythm than Lee Moon Sae. Music
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