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Meet the People of BP

No description

William Monroe

on 10 November 2010

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Transcript of Meet the People of BP

Meet the people of Bp Overview of BP Started by William D'Arcy
first oil Feild in Persia found in 1908
Late 1990s Amoco, ARCO and Castro meged with BP
Adressing steps to address current climate changes British Petroleum
Has over 100,000 workers in 100 countries
BP prides itself in prosperous and efficient working enviornment
"Experience isn't essential to us, its your attitude that's important to us." How BP Empowers their Employees
Is it effective? BP and its Teams
Variety of teams
Communicating and refining
Effectiveness Managing informal communication
Deeper knowledge of their role
Building the right relationship
Real working problems and personal conflicts Incase of an Oil Spill
Report the Oil Spill
What caused the spill
Take care of the clean up
New Procedures s;lfkjsldfjl;sdkfja;sljk'
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