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Living and Learning at IWU

Parents Orientation presentation

Matthew Damschroder

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Living and Learning at IWU

Hmm, it's difficult to summarize myself with such short notice; however, I do always say "My heart and mind are my own; they take in the world, but they decide what they think on their own. I am not a part of someone else - I am myself, and only myself: the thoughts, actions, subconscious, conscious, and potential that extends throughout time and that can never truely be defined. I love the world, and I love its people, but that does not mean that I do not fall into frustration over the lack of effort to fulfill one's potential within the world and inside themselves." Now a clusstered list: I can be detached as well as passionate, and I have been told that I am wise and intelligent, but I always claim that such terms are ambiguous and relative, and there is always someone better at something than I am--I'm just me, with my talents and difficulties. I confront everything with logic and heart, but I reveil very little. I am always honest, even harshly so, so my words weigh heavily. I'm always willing to talk about anything--the more serious the better--and present my opinion or advice. Yes, I'm willing to take others' hardships, but I'm less likely to place mine on others, since I know myself down to most impulses and believe that I may manage myself; however, if I feel the need, I may reach out. I'm eccentric and don't adhere to social convention, so finding me covered in paint or sleeping at 4pm shouldn't be surprising. Dark humor and irony amuse me. I have a large, yet unnusual, vocabulary, speak in contractions and poetic prose, and treat people as if they are capible of understanding me (here, I'm repressing my desire to speak in such a manner, purely because I don't know you and want you to get the most out of this). I abhor ignorance, but define it as the rejection of one's potential to seek out information, view things from alternative perpectives, and grow. If I am available, I am willing to help you study, look over your work, or just in general, but I will not do anything for you that I believe would benefit you. Besides all of that, be as to me as you wish for me to be unto you.
im very open and im interested in sports academics and girls
First Year Student Halls
125 to 200 students
Professional Staff presence
RA:Student ratio of 1:30
We will know your student
letting go
friendly vs friends
“Programming in a college environment serves primarily as a growth experience. Programming gives an opportunity to grow through pursuing outside interests, socializing, and the sharing of ideas. Programming brings people together through new friendships… From programming, a sense of community may be established, and from within this community, members may better reflect upon themselves.”
Ways to support your student
Community Expectations and Contracts
Your experiences with communal living
Provide strategies for resolving challenges

Additional points to consider
Students love real mail
Communicate family situations that may be impacting your student (e.g., loss, illness, changes) to the Office of the Dean of Students
plus WiFi in all halls
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