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Sales Drive

No description

Joy Service

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Sales Drive

Be on time
Don’t be a lurker
If you can’t tell I am trying to be funny…Go ahead and laugh
Have fun but not at others expense
Vegas – What happens here stays here
No Kanye rule
No side conversations…If you do, you have to sing your team’s fight song in pig Latin
Use your phones to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and/or email your team to share things you are learning #salesdrive

Demonstrate a consultative process, language, and structure for interacting with customers and executing a “more perfect” sales call.
Take advantage of the importance of a value approach in building a successful customer relationship.
Learn how to consistently communicate value throughout the whole selling interaction.
Provide a questioning strategy to more effectively uncover customer needs and enable product positioning that is strategic and customer-focused.
Identify objections and ways to overcome.
Improve your delivery on outbound calls.
Recognize when a customer is ready to buy and ways to close.
Offer solutions to our customers with integrity through accurate and honest representation.

Consultative Sales
Transition Statements
Features and Benefits
Overcoming Objections
Closing Opportunities

Transactional Selling vs Consultative Selling
Value - It's our job to help the customer define 'value' in relation to what we are selling.
Shift From Sales Person to Sales Consultant
Transactional Customers don't need salespeople they need order takers.

Consultative Customers see beyond the product to the solution.

Sales Consultant is to convince customers who don't know it that, deep down they want more than they're asking for.

Sales Consultant Road Map
1. Opening the Call
2. Questioning
3. Transitioning and Presenting
4. Overcoming Objections
5. Closing and Agreeing
Use the Outbound Lane
Follow the steps of a normal call. The major differences will be:

Your Greeting
Drivers Who Cut You Off
Aggressive Drivers
Let's Take a Test Drive
Sales Drive
Opportunity to Succeed at Sales
Good morning/afternoon (customer name), this is Eric with Satellites Unlimited, your Dish TV provider. I received an email/call from your technician that was in your home and he/she told me you were interested in internet/video services with us.

Let me take this time to tell you about our exciting offers.

Opening the Call
Who, What, Why, When, Where, How

Open ended questions require an answer besides yes or no.

Closed ended questions only require a yes or no or to make a choice.

Ask open ended questions to gather information and build rapport.
Features and Benefits

By the way...
As I mentioned earlier...
Before I offer the benefits...
I understand you...
I know how you feel when...
You are absolutely right...
The sales presentation should focus on a solution, which should be the unique perceived benefit/value that the customer gains from the product.
Overcoming Objections
Common Objections
External Input
Acknowledge the objection.
Respond using comparisons or benefits
Move forward and ask for the sale.
Close and Agree
Ask a question, the answer to which confirms the sale.

"Now that we have your package defined, we have two appointment windows, tomorrow from 8-12, or 12-5, which one would be more convenient for you?"
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