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No description

Sara Toma

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of seedfolks

Sae Young Maricela
Ana Sae Young is an old Korean lady who doesn't feel save in her neighborhood. Since she got robbed at her dry cleaning store. Now, she stays in her house and she does not come out out of her house unless it is someone who is bringing her grocery's. Every day she just sits down and she watches out the window. Till one day she was looking outside her window and she saw a little girl names Kin and she was digging some Lima beans so Sae Young thought that she was burring drugs, or something illegal but shes not. Ana has been in Cleveland for over 50 years and has observed the different people come and go. One day Ana looked looked out her window and saw Kim burying something. At first Ana thought that Kim was planting drugs, a gun or worse. So she called her neighbor, Wendell, to take a look at what Kim was burying. When he went down to the little vacant lot, she was just planting Lima Beans. Community meaning The garden has affected Sae Young by her feeling more safer and for her feeling like a family with the community. Before she was traumatized because she was robbed in her dry cleaning store and now that shes in the garden she feels more safer. Maricela is a teenage pregnant girl who does not want to have her baby. Now she in a program were they are teenage pregnant girls. She is going to learn how to be responsible by planting radishes, squash, and Swiss chard for her to be responsible enough to take care of her baby. The garden has affected me by showing me how to be responsible enough to take care of her baby. By planting squash, radishes and Swiss chard. That will help her because in order to grow you need to be responsible. To have a baby you need to have a huge responsibility. I think a community is a place where people help each other succeed, improve, survive, and be happy. It's a nice and save community. The Gibb Street garden helped to build a sense of community by having a place where everyone can gather together and make the garden better and brighter. For example, the character Ana feels a sense of community when she sees people working together and actually getting to know each other. The Gibb street started small, but eventually grew to be a place where people felt that everyone wanted to come out of their shells. The garden has affected me because I have found something To watch over and makes me feel wanted. What I've gained from the garden was a connection. SEEDFOLKS By: Sara T. & Jennifer B.
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