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Ancient Egypt Slaves

School Social Studies

David Novotny

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt Slaves

Ancient Egypt Slaves What did they do? Hunting and
Fishing The slaves would hunt with a stick,
they would throw it at birds,
and bigger game. How would you become a slave? War If you were captured in war. you would become a slave. Thief If you stole something, or had to much money borrowed and didn't pay it back, you will also become a slave. Born into it You could get born into slavery if your mom and dad are slaves. You can go into slavery willingly If you are poor being a slave might be better for you. Farming A slave might work on his/her owners field. Cleaning the house If you are a slave woman, you might clean the house, or take care of it. Could the slaves be set free? YES! If you are a slave, someone can buy you from the owner, and then set you free. Did the slaves build the pyramids? NO! YES! NO! Building the pyramids was a great honor. The slaves were not allowed to work on the pyramids, because they didn't have the honor and the quality of work. What do you do if you have a slave no one wants? Sell or give it to the king, he will send it into battle. So that is how the slavery worked in...
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