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Using WebLearn to get your students involved

WebLearn needs revitalizing! Learn how in 5 minutes...

pen lister

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Using WebLearn to get your students involved

Weblearn, it's drab and chaotic, right?
well, no, it just looks a bit like that until you put stuff in
But I only put up word documents, and they show this drab boring icon, so how do I get rid of that?
By using something called a Learning Module. It's a tool in Weblearn.
But I thought every module in Weblearn was a learning module - right?
It's confusing, isn't it? We have a weblearn module for each module we teach, yes, that's right. But inside each weblearn module, we have a whole list of tools and functions.

One of the main tools to use, to help us create learning CONTENT is called a 'Learning Module'
Let's find out a bit more about this 'Learning Module'...
The Learning Module tool lets you make a learning path...
This means you can make learning content that a student can follow easily, and they know where to start and what might have happened in week 6, for example.
Using the Learning Module tool means a student can see what a file is without having to download it first.

That's a REAL bonus!
And it means that you (the tutor) can see what a student might have looked at, or even set a test before they get access to the next part of the learning content...clever or what?
Another GREAT bonus is
You can design the look and feel of your learning module pages, so that they are MUCH more engaging than plain old Word documents!
Want to find out more about using Weblearn Learning modules?
020 7133 2984
EMAIL: weblearnsupport@londonmet.ac.uk
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