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California's Colleges: 4 Systems

No description

Nefara Riesch

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of California's Colleges: 4 Systems

California's Colleges
4 Systems of Higher Education
70+ Private Colleges & Universities
10 Universities of California (UC)
23 California State Universities (CSU)
112 Community Colleges
The Differences
Admissions Requirements
Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid
Community College - $1500
California State University - $23,000
University of California - $32,000
Private Colleges & Universities - Varies (About $64,000)
How to Stand Out
Coursework and Grades
Test Scores
Relationships with Teachers/Counselors
Being able to talk/write about yourself
Self-Advocacy Skills
Leadership roles
Community Colleges
HS Diploma, GED, or 18+ years old
No GPA Requirement
No Course Requirements
A-G Requirements
3.0+ GPA
Cal States
A-G Requirements
2.0+ GPA
Private Schools
A-G Requirements
2.5 + GPA
Personal Statement
Letters of Recommendation
California Residents get in-state tuition to public colleges
FAFSA - Federal Aid
Cal Grant - State Aid
University Grants & Scholarships - School Aid
Various scholarships - local and nationwide
What you can do NOW
Academic Improvement - KEEP TRACK and SET GOALS
Begin taking notes on what you're doing
Participate in class!
Get to know your teachers/counselors!
Use the resources available to you!
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