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Antonina Zabinski

No description

Lucy Morrison

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Antonina Zabinski

Antonina Żabiński
Antonina Żabiński
Born 1908 in Russia
Died in 1971 in Warsaw Poland
Married to fellow zookeeper Jan Żabiński in 1931
Had 2 children-Ryszard and Teresa Żabiński
Both of her were parents killed in the Russian Revolution in 1917
Together she and Jan ran the Warsaw zoo
Fakty Dalszy
Favorite Animals in the Zoo-Lynxes Tofi and Tufa
Her son Ryszard was born in 1932
Her daughter Teresa was born in 1944
Antonia developed possible phlebitis during the war, or a blood flow problem in her legs
Spoke Russian, German, French, and Polish
Saved around 300 Jews during the war
Przed Wojną
Przed Wojną Dalszy
Before the war Jan and Antonina were in charge of one of the best zoos in Europe. They took care of animals themselves and also employed keepers. The even had rare forest bison and the 12th elephant born in captivity.
Czas Wojny
When they returned to the zoo after the early attacks, Jan joined the Home Army and they started doing everything they could to help. While Jan did various jobs and attacked the Nazis through the Underground, back at home Antonina took charge of an enormous house of hidden Jews and Underground fighters, keeping the house as happy as possibly.
After the initial bombing most of the zoo's animals were killed. Those that weren't were stolen by German zoos.
Jej Heroizm
Jan and many others always maintained that it was Antonina that was the real heroine. She never showed her fear for her family and always did what was right. Because of Antonina the hiding Jews felt happy and at home, a rarity in many other shelters. She stopped German and Russian soldiers with just her voice and always had a smile.
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