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Social Justice CSU, Dominguez Hills

No description

brian cruz

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Justice CSU, Dominguez Hills

What Is Social Justice?
Social Justice is YOU!
Equal access to opportunities
Standing up for what you believe in
Knowing injustice when you see it
Social Justice Academy
CSU, Dominguez Hills

What will you do?
The Unequal Opportunity Race
Homework - PM Activity #3
Photography and Social Justice
Take a photo identifying what social justice means to you
Print photo
Bring photo to your Peer Mentor cohort activity next Friday, July 25th
Be prepared to share with your cohort
Why didn't the two people of color start the race with the starting gun?

What other images did you see in the video that demonstrates unequal opportunity?

What did you notice about the women's places in the race?

Short film for the African American Policy Forum, showing metaphors for obstacles to equality which affirmative action tries to alleviate.
Think, Pair, Share
Does equal opportunity exist?

What does equal opportunity look like to you?
Pay It Forward
Ground Rules
What can you do?
Think about an injustice in your community.

What would you do to change it?

What steps will you take?
Do you feel that you have the power to change any of these inequalities?

If yes, explain why?

If not, explain why not?
The Unequal Opportunity Race
Use non-judgmental listening
Be open towards different opinions
Be patient
Feel free to relate to others by giving examples
What is said in the room stays in the room
Be open to different values
Spread positivity by showing compassion towards one another
Be a good listener
Put your phone on silent and keep away from it during the discussion
Stay away from foul language
Let the person who is talking finish what they are saying
Love one another
Refrain from side conversations and laughing
Ground Rules
What is the significance of the years going by at the beginning of the race?
After watching the video, have your thoughts changed about whether or not equal opportunity exists?
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