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Pythons in Florida

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Pythons in Florida

Facts about Pythons
Burmese Python Snakes are one of the five largest species in the world.
Burmese Pythons are native to Southeast Asian.

Burmese Pythons weigh up to two- hundred pounds.
They belong to a distinct species
They live in swamps, wet lands, like the everglades and can live in forests.

Burmese Pythons also eat many things in their environment.
How to get rid Burmese Pythons
Extra Facts
Burmese Pythons are destroying the food chain and they are increasing fastp to 200 pounds.

People get paid to kill Burmese Python . The population of pythons is increasing fast. They are carnivores and eat many things.
Invasive species
Python invasion has started in South Florida and in Puerto Rico.

Burmesse Pythons are excellent swimmers, and need a permanent.

Permanent source of water.
Pythons in Florida
How to get rid of Burmese Pythons
You can hunt for them.
You could kill the eggs.
Or you could become a python patrol.
Pythons are eating alligators that are up
6 feet long, that's why we need to hunt
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