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100 Things About Me

No description

Austin Grundhoefer

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of 100 Things About Me

100 Things About Me
By: Austin Grundhoefer
Top 10 Injuries
1.)Bit Through my Lip (22 Stitches)
2.)Thumb Cut
3.)Thumb Burn
4.)Triangle Burn on Right hand
5.)Cut up knee
6.)Match Burn on Arm
7.)Face Cut from Rabbit
8.)Metal Sliver in hand
9.)Leg Cut I don't know origins of
10.)Bruised Ribs?

Top 10 Authors
1.)Louis L'Amore
2.)Rick Riordan
3.)Elaine Davis
5.)James Patterson
6.)Veronica Roth
7.)Gary Paulsen
8.)Suzanne Collins
9.)Darren Shan
10.)Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket)
Top 10 Hobbies
6.)Building Stuff
9.)Listening to Music
10.)Watching Movies
Top 10 Things I DON'T Enjoy
1.)Restaurants that serve Pepsi products
2.)Cold Water
3.)90 Degree Weather
4.)Country Music
5.)Having No Food
6.)Being Bored
7.)When people touch my radio
8.)My Step Nieces/Nephews
10.)Being told my rooms dirty

Top 10 Bands
1.)Motley Crue
4.)Stone Sour
6.)Five Finger Death Punch
7.)Guns N Roses
Top 10 Movies
1.)Happy Gilmore
2.)Rambo First Blood
3.)Rocky 1
4.)Beverly Hills Cop
5.)Ace Ventura Pet Detective
6.) Ghostbusters
7.)Expendables 3
8.)Furious 7
9.)22 Jump Street
10.)Purge Anarchy
Top 10 Things I will NEVER DO
1.)Work at a Desk Job
2.)Like Country Music
3.)Deny that Hannah Montana is awesome
4.)Wear a suit to go to work
5.)Give up trying to get my exit sign working
6.)Go to Europe (Excluding Germany and Ireland)
7.)Visit Asia
9.)Not carry a knife in pocket (excluding school and banks)
10.)Make lists after this assignment
Top 10 Things I Aspire to do
1.)Start a business
2.)Own a brewery
3.)A physical labor job
4.)Get my Exit sign to work
5.)See Metallica preform live
6.)Build my own house
7.)Own over 100 acres of land
8.)Go Moose hunting in Alaska
9.)Catch a Saw fish
10.)Keep the Astro Van running forever
Top 10 Foods
1.)Venison Steak
4.)Smores Poptarts
6.)The Mac N Cheese my Grandma makes for deer hunting
7.)Pumpkin Pie
8.)Pepperoni Pizza
9.)3 Musketeers
10.)Cosmic Brownies
Top 10 Best Moments
1.)Canoe trip (Spring Break 2015)
2.)Mötley Crüe Final Tour
3.)First Deer
4.)Walleye on Lake Winnie
5.)First Concert (Seether)
6.)Quarries at End of June
7.)Poker in Matt's basement
8.)Finishing Gorecki Guest House
9.)Buying Shinedown Ticket
10.)Football with cousins
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