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Transit process

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Justyna Sakowicz

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Transit process

Transit movements in a nutshell
SGS HQ Department activity
Claim procedure
Recovery procedure
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Once T1 released
The guarantee debited
The truck goes trough the transit countries
A truck starts its way in country
Transit movement is terminated
The guarantee is credited
Once transit movement is released
The guarantee debited
The truck starts its way in Country
The truck goes trough the transit countries
Once T1 declaration NOT terminated
The guarantee NOT credited
1 st situation
At Destination Country
2nd situation
At Destination Country
Every not terminated movement results with a claim file at Customs...
unless we act upon in advance
instead only react on Customs notification
get termination of the movement and discharge SGS guarantee
In order to :

proactively prevent Customs claims
reduce the number of claims
SGS Claim HQ Department
controls the status of the movements opened in TransitNet system
deals with not terminated movements
with Client Centres
Claim HQ Department
information about opened movements
request for getting termination in NCTS
Non termination
description of situation
contact details to other party involved
request for help on basis of information /documents

Claim it is an official procedure launched by
Enquiry procedure

Irregularity procedure
shortage or overage
The most common situation
Claim HQ Department
information about official notification
request for required documents
required documents
contact details to other party involved
request for help on basis of information /documents

Enquiry /Irregularity procedure against Principal
notification by:

reply with required information and documents
request for documents
Recovery procedure
All steps involved in collecting arisen debt and other due sums
Competent authority
Claim HQ Department
documents and information
request for help in obtaining documents
termination by the Customs

SGS applies for the reimbursement from other parties
Recovery procedure
request for documents
Termination /cancellation of recovery procedure
Payment request notified by
request for clearance proofs
acceptance of cost for settlement
required documents
contact details to other party involved
appeal to Customs on basis of documents
no documents sent
the customer accepts the payment
summary of the issue
request for autorisation of payment
OK !
Required evidences by enquiry / irregularity / recovery procedures

proofs of clearance of the goods –
import declarations

Transit Declaration
signed and stamped
by office of destination
the documents confirming proper handing over of customs goods e.g. TAD signed and stamped
by Consignee
the commercial documents
– export declarations, invoices, CMR signed and stamped by Consignee
explanatory letters about differences found at destination
explanatory letters indicating reasons for non-fulfillment of obligations
police reports
in case of robbery
reports from
official authorities
confirming destruction or
irretrievable loss of the goods

 Client – has to be aware from the very beginning that he will be invoiced for any costs (full amount + admin costs of SGS), by amounts lower than 500€ prepayment account of client is debited, by higher amounts an invoice is issued usually by Client Centre of client (other options are also possible – invoice from SGS of affiliate from country of recovery / from HQ in Geneva)
 Customs – repayment is possible upon providing a request with evidences proving that customs debt was collected unjustified, amount collected from client is refunded after getting repayment from customs
 Other parties (consignee) – we cannot force consignee to reimburse us (unless we go to court), we can only kindly ask for reimbursement, usually it is only VAT (provided consignee has enough evidences to get refund from Revenue Office), the difference is collected from client.

Reimbursement from other parties
Status of a claim file in TransitNet
The status exists in TransitNet describing actual stage at the Customs and is in accordance with the terminology used by Customs
Only HQ and PR users are allowed to change into and from this status following below assumptions
by Justine
no arrival message
Lack of termination because of
settlement with Customs in coordination with accounts department
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