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Heuristic Testing with Open-HEREDEUX

No description

Carlos Lozano

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Heuristic Testing with Open-HEREDEUX

Heuristic Evaluations Made Easy User Experience Testing Open-HEREDEUX Define Tests Evaluate Analyze Recommend Iterate & Perfect! Institutionalize Heuristic Testing for all projects
Continued software product improvement
Happier users are more productive users Working together for a more User-Friendly world. Contact us! Get involved! GFT Group | T +49 6196 969-0 | www.gft.com | info@gft.com Define Application Type Define Your UX Target Send Test to Evaluators Define Target Users Define Tests using Well-Known and Proven Heuristics The system will suggest
the most adequate heuristics Just like accessibility...
... in UX we propose grades! U UU UUU Standard Medium Advanced I'm a Padawan! I'm a
Jedi Master! I'm a
Jedi! Experience in the application's domain
Experience with the technology
Other aspects to segment the users Help you correlate results later on! It's all in the cloud! Evaluators only need a browser! from their Usual Working Environment Evaluators Give Their Feedback Involve people on your project.
Involve business sponsors.
Involve end-users.
More users, more reliable results! Wireframes
Final Applications Test Anytime! Built-in Statistical Functions Help You Analyze Correlation -> Cluster -> Export Data Turn user feedback into qualitative and quantitative data Recommendations Open-HEREDEUX produces industry standard reports What is going well?
What isn't going so well?
What do I need to do to improve? Opinions are good. Opinions and Data is better! Helping you invest your effort more effectively...
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