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Out Of My Mind

No description

alexis kelley

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Out Of My Mind

By Alexis Kelley Out Of My Mind Out of My Mind, is a book about a little girl named Melody. By: Sharon M. Draper Melody has a disease that doesn't allow her to walk, talk or do many other movements. This Presentation is by Alexis Kelley In this book Melody over comes many challenges like, her mom having another baby, going to a class that has kids that tease kids like her, kids in her class saying she is cheating because she has an aid and they don't, and many more challenges. Melody also has some good moments too, like, making a new friend in her new class, getting an aide that fallows her around so she can participate in class activities, getting a computer that will talk for her, and getting a free trip to the new aquarium. She also had a little sister named Penny. Penny was born a normal person without any problems. She also heard her friend Rose laugh at her when the teacher said, "If Melody could ace this test then the test isn't hard enough, and you all should be able to ace it too!" After Melody got her new computer she qualified for the schools smart team that goes up against a few other schools teams. Melody also has some kids that
don't think she can the things that
normal kids her age can do. She
showed them wrong. I recommend this book to people that like books that about a life story and other things like that. Melody had to go through many tough things like when her own teacher basically called her dumb and many more things. I hope that you enjoyed my prezi.
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