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When was the Nile river formed and how?

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trezure hansley

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of When was the Nile river formed and how?

When was the Nile river formed and how? By: Trezure Hansley
How formed
Much work remains for scientists to discover about the Nile river It was by the banks of this river that one of the oldest civilizations in the world began. The ancient Egyptians lived and farmed along the Nile, using the soil to produce food for themselves and their animals.

Why it was important to Egyptians
The Nile is formed by three principal streams: the Blue Nile and the Atbara which flow from the highlands of Ethiopia, and the White Nile and the headstreams of which flow into Lakes Victoria and Albert.
Ancient Egypt could not have existed without the river Nile. Every year, heavy summer rain in the Ethiopian highlands, sent a torrent of water that overflowed the banks of the Nile. When the floods went down it left a thick,rich of soil which was excellent to plant seeds.
Lake Victoria, African's biggest lake, is generally thought of as the source of the Nile River. On the Northern edge of the lake, water pours over a waterfall, known as Ripon Falls, into a narrow opening which some people believe is the beginning of the Nile River.
Where is the source of the Nile River begans ?
The Nile River is the world's longest river at 4,135 miles. It has two sources, one at Lake Victoria, in Uganda (the White Nile) and one at Lake Tana, in Ethopia (the Blue Nile).
The ancient Egyptians called the river Ar or Aur, meaning "black," because of the black sediment left behind after the frequent river floods. The ancient Greeks called the river Kem, which translates into "black" as well.
The people who lived along the Nile in ancient times used the river for agriculture and transportation. That hasn't changed, although the methods of agriculture and transportation have. Steam ships are still used in Egypt and Sudan, to transport goods.

Intreseting Facts about the Nile River
Where the name comes from?
The word Nile comes from greek word
, which means " River Valley".
The Nile River definition
Lifeblood of Egyptian civilization. This river gave the Egptians water for their crops and for the lves as a whole. It flooded every year, roughly at the same time; and each time, it left rich, new soil for new crops. The Egyptians also used the Nile for trade, as trading boats traveled to and from Egypt.
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