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The Digital Social Life of Teens

A Lefora collaboration by eka_paustyan ,demma2487 and heisenbergw01, lindsayalertsuny and alina

Emma Davis

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The Digital Social Life of Teens

The Digital Social Life of Teens Rockaway Youth Task Force While some teens use the internet to build confidence in themselves and others, some are destroyed by social media. Self confidence negative impact of the Internet - lack of control
- loss of time
- misuse of money
- mixed feelings
- negative impact on other areas of life
- defensiveness A look at the Internet’s influence on the social life of teens community service Olivia Bouler ,11, http://www.oliviabouler.net/artwork--book.html used the internet to sell her drawings,
she has raised $200,000 for Gulf recovery efforts used Facebook and smart phones to help victim of hurricane sandy . http://www.rytf.org/IN-THE-NEWS.html communication education The Center for Eating Disorders commissioned a survey about Facebook to users (ages of 16-40.) It found that 51 % of people surveyed said that seeing photos of themselves on Facebook makes them more self-conscious about their body image and weight. 31 % said that they feel sad when they compare themselves to their friends on Facebook. Of the people surveyed, 44 % said they spend time wishing they had the same body as a Facebook friend they compare themselves to. 37 % said they feel the need to change parts of their body when they look at people’s photos on Facebook. Jessica Laney 16 after being bullied online Committed suicide Florida December 2012 Amanda Todd British Columbia October 2012 15 Committed suicide Her story Committed suicide after Shannon Gallagher Erin Gallagher October - December 2012 13 15 Ballybofey Both sisters Committed suicide as a result of
cyber bullying Brandon Elizares Texas June 2012 receiving threatening texts 16 mental heath and Save Me Save me,
Don't break me,
I love you,
You hate me,
Big deal,
You'll thank me,
There's no way to help me,
But if you just tried, then maybe, just maybe, you could save me
- Storme Daugherty http://www.bestteenpoems.com/poem/save-me-dont-break-me 90 percent of American teens use some form of social media There are 1.2 billion Facebook users worldwide
11% of people on Earth use Facebook
22% Percent of teenagers log on to Facebook over 10 times per day
190 million is the average number of tweets per day http://www.statisticbrain.com/social-networking-statistics/ A study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (2011)
found that exposure to Facebook could lead to depression. In a research survey of young people between the ages of 10 and 17, researchers asked "how often have you wanted to kill yourself?" 1 in 23 kids reported feeling this way at least once. These thoughts doubled in kids that reported being bullied, attacked, physically threatened, or otherwise victimized by peers. Suicidal thoughts tripled in those who experienced any type of sexual assault An organization dedicated to reducing litter through out Britain through the use of sharing images of litter through social media sites. Keep Britain Tidy: Creativity Is a website, book series, and teen magazine made by teens 13-19, for teens. Teen Ink encourages creativity and critical-thinking though writing, art, photos and forums. Teen Ink http://www.teenink.com/ By Teen Ink user ALM007 By Teen Ink user ALM007 By Teen Ink user.amy., paisley, Russia has the 7th largest audience of Internet users; 2nd largest in Europe Internetworldstats 2010 and also: Perhaps it is important to think about how many children can become disconnected from reality on the internet. Like adults the anonymity is appealing, yet it can be very dangerous. The disconnect can be vast as this poem written by a teenage girl illustrates. She refers to the internet and her online self as her mask. She smiles, I cry.
She's brave, I’m shy.
She loves, I’m alone.
She’s amazing, I’m unknown.
She’s beautiful, I’m a mess.
She’s happy, I’m depressed.
She’s a fake, I am real.
My mask is perfect, she hides me.
- Rose O'Fletch https://twitter.com/westhighbros It’s not all bad Have a look at their tweets Sergei Abramov created his own web site for other Russian teens to learn about math, literature, scientific breakthroughs, and curious facts. http://www.e-parta.ru.
http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-323298807.html His web site (in Russian only)
Article about him Also there are online communities like teen central that help teens deal with bullying, weight problems, drugs and alcohol. http://www.teencentral.net/
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