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Doon po Sa Amin, Hataw sa Maagang Tag-araw!

Yeah! :3

Sophia Olalia

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Doon po Sa Amin, Hataw sa Maagang Tag-araw!

"Pockets may be empty, clocks may be ticking, Roll-on, Roll-off,
an Adventure-filled

Doon po Sa Amin, Hataw sa Maagang Tag-araw!
Aerial Viewing of Calapan
Mangrove Conservation
Area and
Calapan City Plaza
Mangyan Heritage Center
Night Market
Fun Fiestas
Caluangan Lake
Floating Restaurant
Silonay Mangrove Conservation Area and Ecotourism is a haven of fireflies, migratory birds, various kind of fish, and of course, mangrove. Upon entering the area, travellers would leisurely walk deep into the mangrove forest through a 300-meter bamboo bridge.
Calapan Airport offers scenic flights around Calapan City and its neighboring towns. A scenic flight costs P12,800 per hour for the fuel and airplane rental. and an additional charge of P800 per hour for the pilot’s professional fee.

The plaza serves as a public square, in the middle of which lies a cemented gazebo. The gazebo is wrapped with a spiralling staircase, leading to its rooftop. At the rooftop you’ll find statues of a Mangyan next to a tamaraw.

The Mangyan Heritage Center comprises a souvenir shop and a small library dedicated to Mindoro Island’s aborigines, the Mangyans. 

Four o’clock in the afternoon signals the start of Calapan Night Market. Food stalls, collapsible tables, beach parasols, and plastic chairs are set up on Sales Street, just next to the New Calapan Public Market.

Festival and Events are the best of opportunities through which you can explore the cultural specialty of the Calapeños during your tour. You will be impressed to know what Festival and Events in Calapan City .
Here in Calapan, Humanity is made up of people like the sea is made up of drops. As the sea pounds on the shore line, humanity pounds on fragile ecosystems. Like the sea at the mercy of the wind we seem swept away by the demands of our times.
In the brilliant summer sunshine the Caluangan lake is the perfect mirror for the environment surrounding it. From above that watery world was so clear and perfect it could be another dimension, waiting for someone to dare enter it. But with each toe dipped into it, the ripples distorted that submerged kingdom, locking us into our own, forbidding us entry.
Here in Calapan you can see a very beautiful spot where you can view the dipping of the sun behind the horizon, while the daylight is still lingered in the air as the huge waves rolled across the surface and the wind tearing white moonlight spray from their peaks.

Sophia Isabelle Olalia
Lou Dennise Madrigal
Shem Ivy P. Sarabia
Rose Angela C. Goco
Cheska Natalie H. Ibon
King Paulo Bukid
Erika Antoinete Cabral
Raleigh Justine Catibog
Lois Jane B. Lopez

Mr. Serafin Eusebio, Jr.

-The Team-

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