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Latin : Volo, Nolo, & Malo

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Jazmine Sanders

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Latin : Volo, Nolo, & Malo

Basics Present System The Amazing Latin Race How to use it in a Sentence... Quiz Time!
GOOD LUCK Perfect System Perfect Act. Irregular verbs Volo, Nolo, & Malo Translate into latin if in english. If in Latin into english. Volo, Nolo, and Malo are used with an accusative and complementary verb. By Magistra Jazmine Present Active Ind. Volo, Nolo, Malo Volo, velle, volui: to want
Nolo, nolle, nolui: not to want,be unwilling
Malo, Malle, Malui: to prefer Similar to Sum and Possum:

Don't belong to a conjugation

Only have Active Voice! Present Act. Infinitive: Velle, Nolle, Malle Volo
Sing. Plur.
1st Volo- I Want 1st Volumus- We want
2nd Vis- You want 2nd Vultis- You (all) want
3rd Vult- She wants 3rd Volunt- They want Nolo
Sing. Plur.
1st Nolo Nolumus
2nd Non Vis Non Vultis
3rd Non Vult Nolunt Malo
Sing. Plur.
1st Malo Malumus
2nd Mavis Mavultis
3rd Mavult Malunt Present Act. Sub. To form:
Present Inf - "Le" + I + endings Active Endings
-o/m -mus
-s -tis
-t -nt Nolle- le
=Nol+ I
=Noli+ Endings Malo
1st Malim Malimus
2nd Malis Malitis
3rd Malit Malint IMPERFECT ACT. Ind. 1st Principal part- O +eba +Endings Sing. Plur.
1st Volebam Volebamus
2nd Volebas Volebatis
3rd Volebat Volebant Sub. Present Inf. + Endings Sing. Plur.
1st Mallem Mallemus
2nd Malles Malletis
3rd Mallet Mallent Future Act. Ind. 1st Prinicpal part -"le" + a/e+ Endings Sing. Plur.
1st Nolam Nolemus
2nd Noles Noletis
3rd Nolet Nolent Use "a" in the 1st person sing. Sub..... NONE! Works just like any other verb Ind. 3rd p.p - I + endings Sing. Plur.
1st Nolui Noluimus
2nd Noluisti Noluistis
3rd Noluit Noluerunt Sub. Sing. Plur.
1st Maluerim Maluerimus 2nd Malueris Malueritis
3rd Maluerit Maluerint Pluperfect Act. Ind 3rd p.p - I + endings Sing. Plur.
1st Volueram Volueramus
2nd Volueras Volueratis
3rd Voluerat Voluerant Perfect Active Inf.
Voluisse Noluisse Maluisse Sub. 3rd p.p - I + Endings Sing. Plur.
1st Maluissem Maluissemus
2nd Maluisses Maluissetis
3rd Maluisset Maluissent Future Perfect 3rd p.p - I + Endings Ind. (NO FUTURE SUBJUCTIVE) Noluero Noluerimus
Nolueris Nolueritis
Noluerit Noluerint Sing. Plur. 1st 2nd 3rd to prefer voluerim I will want Nolebatis You will have preferred You will not want maluissemus Malo I should want volam You (all) did not want malueris noles We had preferred Volo ad te venire
"I want to come to you." Malumus vos ad nos venire
"We prefer that you come to us."
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