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Short Story Multi-Modal Presentation

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Rachel McHolm

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Short Story Multi-Modal Presentation

Opening Situation and Inciting Force
In the short story "A Devoted Son" the opening situation occurs when the reader is introduced to Rakesh and learns that his character is devoted to his father as on the day he is top of the list for his education he touches his fathers feet an indian sign of respect . Also the reader learns the story's setting is Bedlam India. The inciting force occurs after Rakesh has studied medicine in the United States and returns to India as a doctor. Also Rakesh gets married and his father lives with him and his wife.He begins to restrict his fathers diet which angers his father as he does not feel this is Rakeshs place.
Rising Action and Climax
In the short story the rising action occurs when Rakesh's father Varma becomes very angry because his son refuses him certain foods due to his health problems and age. This causes Varma to believe his son is disrespecting him. The climax then occurs when Varma refuses to take food or medicine from Rakesh and becomes furious at his son for the way hes treated him and demands he just let him die.
Falling Action
Final Outcome
The falling action in the short story "A Devoted Son occurs ,when Varma settled down and puts his pillows flat to lie down. Then the final outcome occurs as Varma states " God is calling me - now let me go," demonstrating he is going to die.
Main Characters

Flat Characters
Stereotyped Characters
Servants - are stereotyped as people who work for a family; usually poor and often mistreated.
Grandchildren- are stereotyped as young children who play at their grandparents
Neighbors- are stereotyped as people who live next door and tend to be noisy.
A Multi- Modal Production
By:Rachel McHolm

By: Anita Desai
A Devoted Son
Physical Setting in
A Devoted Son
Bedlam India - where Rakesh and his family live
Small yellow house- the home Rakesh takes care of his father in
America- where Rakesh studis to bcomes a doctor
Hospital- where Rakesh works
Fathers Room - where conflict occurs and Varma dies.
Themes in A Devoted Son
How to Determine the Plot
How to Determine Specific Character Types
What is theme?
How to Determine Setting
Watch the video to find out!
You can determine the plot by breaking it down into six components !

Opening Situation
Opening Situation can determined by when the author states the setting and introduces the characters.
Inciting Force
Inciting Force is determined in a short story when a conflict is evident ; conflicts can include person vs person, person vs self, or person vs nature.

Sparks the conflict!
Rising Action
Rising Action is when the conflict becomes defined and characters become more defined.
Climax can be determined because the conflict will be solved this usually occurs at the end of the story.
Falling Action
Falling Action can be decided on if the action is leading to the final outcome
Final Outcome
Final Outcome is the end of the story where loose ends are tied up.
To determine the type of character in a short story you first must know there are many types of characters; main characters, flat characters and stereotyped characters.
The main character whom is usually the protagonist or ( usually the "good guy") the antagonist ( sometimes is not a person but does cause the conflict). These are round characters as they are affected by what occurs in the story and the story is often about them.
Flat characters are characters who do not change in the story and are only mentioned briefly.
Stereotyped characters are characters that the reader can assume things about. Ex: Blonde = dumb.
We know Rakesh's character is a devoted, hard working, caring character. As he is devoted to his father he takes care of the man even though all he wishes to do is die. Also he works hard as a doctor and taking care of his father and is good natures as described by patients.
In the short story "A Devoted Son" there are two main characters.
We know Rakesh is a main character because the story centralizes around him and his medical career. Also he changes throughout the story. In the beginning he has received top marks and is very proud and as a sign of respect to his father he touches his feet ( part of indian culture). Rakesh then to try and prove himself to his father as a good doctor tries to keep him healthy and restricts his diet in hopes of him living longer. By the end we see a change in Rakesh as he becomes determined to keep his father alive even though it angers him; something he wouldn't have done in the beginning
We know Varma is a main character as he changes throughout the story, in the beginning he is very proud of his sons accomplishment and boasts to his friends. However later in the story once Rakesh tries to take care of him he believes he is disrespecting him and becomes a very angry old man. This shows he is the antagonist as he creates conflict between him and his son. Varma's character is very proud and demanding . He is proud in the way he is proud of his sons accomplishments but will not listen to him. Also he is demanding as he tells Rakesh what to do with his life.
Flat Characters do not change!
Rakesh's Mother
Rakesh's mother is a flat character in this story due to the fact she does not change. At the beginning she is a proud woman who boasts about her sons extreme intelligence and her character does not change as she continues to boast about him marrying an Indian women later in the story.
Rakesh's wife Veena is a flat character as she does not change within the story. She is a housewife and adds to the conflict as she refuses Varma food. Also it is clear her character is not fond of Varma and he does not like her either. This makes the conflict between Varma and Rakesh worse as this is his wife and his father.
Bhatia is a flat character in the story as he does not change. However he plays a role by listening to Varma complaints about his son and agreeing that it is " an evil age for a son to refuse his father food."
How To Analyze A Short Story
Example From
The importance of culture
One of the main themes in the short story " A Devoted Son", is the importance of culture.The importance of culture is a major theme, as shown in this story it is important not to lose your culture. Rakesh's constant devotion to his father and his Indian culture demonstrates this theme in the story. Rakesh abides by his parents wishes and achieves the top of the list for school and goes to medical school in the United States. Although h is exposed to American culture he still remains faithful to his own indian culture. When touching his fathers feet he shows he respects his Indian culture. Furthermore he marries a Indian woman to further show his devotion to Indian culture.
Respecting your elders
The importance of letting go
The importance of letting go is a main theme in this short story. It is important because it teaches people that although we want our love ones to live a long time when they are ready to die we must let them go. This is shown in "A Devoted Son" when Rakesh has trouble letting his father Varma age. He tries to keep him alive by feeding him medicine and refusing him food. This however makes their relationship negative and Varma eventually dies anyway. This shows the importance of letting go because had Rakesh let his father die on his own terms they may have has a healthier relationship as father and son.
Differing perspectives in life
Different perspectives in life is another main theme in this short story. This theme is important because it shows how all people look at life differently.This theme is evident through the main characters. We see Rakesh's perspective of life is that he must be devoted to his father. He believes he is doing so by keeping his father healthy by refusing him food that he knows as a doctor is not good for an old man. Also, we see Varmas perspective in life as he believes by refusing him food his son is disrespecting him. Also he feels Rakesh is no longer devoted to him but is selfishly prolonging his inevitable death.
Thanks for Watching!
Watch the video to find out!
Respecting your elders is a theme in this story as it demonstrates the importance of listening to and learning from older individuals lives. This is shown in the story by Varma trying to get his son to understand that he is aging but still wants to live his own life and Rakesh as a son should respect that. However when Rakesh dos not it shows the importance because his father becomes angry and loses respect for his son. If Rakesh had respected his father and allowed him to eat and live the way he wished , they may have had a better relationship before Varma died.
How setting affects the short story " A Devoted Son"
The setting affects the short story a devoted son by allowing the reader to know it takes place in India. It does this by describing the physical setting stating" Bedlam broke loose, " and if the readers knows Bedlam is in India it allows them to know where the story is occurring. Also the dialect and word choice allows the reader to determine setting. Words such as halwa, kheer, and dhoti demonstrate the story takes lace in India as these are Indian words. Also the setting affects th mood in this story as when Varma lives with Rakesh after his wife's death the mood becomes tense as Varma becomes sicker and angry with his son.
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