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3.04 Establishing Narration

Plot for future narrative

Jacob Benvenutty

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of 3.04 Establishing Narration

Montresor feeling betrayed and abashed, promptly walks toward the group with an expression of furiosity.
Fortunado and the group immediately know that Montresor had heard them.
Fortunado without Montresor saying a word sincerely apologizes and explains his actions.
Montresor gives assurance that everything is ok, though he now knows exactly what he must do.
Montresor plots to kill Fortunado at a party similar to the one Fortunado betrayed him.
Montresor years later writes his tale, naming it "The Cask of Amontillado"
Montresor receives a last minute invitation to a party that Fortunado coincidentally is attending
Montresor sees Fortunado talking with a group in the party
As Montresor approaches he can't help but hear Fortunado use his name within their conversation.
Due to this, Montresor listens in from afar and overhears everything Fortunado says.
Fortunado had been talking about Montresors dark secret with everyone in the group.
While Fortunado had made small insults before seemingly joking, this was something far beyond shameful to Montresor.

3.04 Establishing Narration
Montresor invites Fortunado over for some advice
He tells Fortunado a dark secret (Montresor cheated with a prominent figures wife)
He expects Fortunado to keep his dark secret from the past
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