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Raising Responsible Children

This is the first of a series of sessions based on the concepts taught in the book "Parenting with Love And Logic"

Henry Roncancio

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Raising Responsible Children

Parenting with Love and Logic Raising Responsible Children Train a child in a way
he should go and when
he is old he will not turn
from it.

Proverbs 22:6 To get the kids out of the house in 18 years

Hijos independientes en 18 años Have children who make
good decisions most of the time

Tener hijos que toman buenas decisiones las
más de las veces Equip children to
make it in the world

Preparar al niño para
salir adelante Help children move from
total dependence to independence

Que los niños pasen de la dependecia total a la independencia How will children handle
pressures of life?

¿Cómo enfrentan los chicos
las presiones de la vida? What choices will they

¿Qué opciones van a
tomar? How will they function when we are not around?

¿Cómo se portan cuando no
estamos presentes? Will telling them to be
responsible get the job

¿Es suficiente decirles
que sean responsables? Helicopter
Parenting Papá
Helicóptero Turbo-Attact
Helicopter Mamá
de ataque Drill Sergeant Mamá
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