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Trinity, Anthony, Hero, Gaby

No description

Mrs. Ireland

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Trinity, Anthony, Hero, Gaby

Recycle -Trinity, Anthony, Gaby, and Hero
Plant Systems
The parts of the plant systems are
and seeds
Animal Systems
The types of animal systems are
Respiratory system
Circulatory system
Nervous system
Digestive system
What is Pollution
Pollution is a contamination of water, air and soil by substances that are harmful to living organisms.
What Can We Do At School?
Does pollution affect the systems of plants and animals?
What we can do is pick up trash at school to prevent this. We can also learn to recycle.
Thank You!
Thank you for coming an listening and coming to our presentation. Hope you use our advice
What classrooms are
expected to do
Every week we are are going
to come to your classroom and check on how you are doing with
recycling and if you do good you
will get a golden eagle.
Driving question
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