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SourPatch Kids!!

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Transcript of SourPatch Kids!!

Sour Patch Kids!!!! By:Kaitlyn M., Abbi S., Maddie S. Sour Patch Kids -Sour Patch Kids were orginally called mars men.
-They were inspired by UFO sitings.
-They started out tart and gradually became fruity.
-Frank Galatolie came up with the idea of Sour Patch Kids. Types and Flavors of Sour Patch Kids -Sour Patch Extreme
-Blue Raspberry
-Xmas Kids -Red=cherry
other flavors in special packets are
-AND MANY MORE The Science behind Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch kids get their sourness from a tiny part of a hydrogen atom. When it loses its electron, all that is left is a naked proton that is positively charged. The amount of protons moving in your candy filled mouth creates the acidity. Thanks for watching!! :)
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