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Information Overload to Information Literacy

No description

Jamie Dyra

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Information Overload to Information Literacy

The Big 6 =
Information Literacy Step 1: Task Definition
Define your task/assignment
Terms you do not know?
Identify the requirements
What must you do to be successful? Make a list of all required actions/sections of assignment Information vs Knowledge vs Wisdom
How do we move our students from
Information Overload to Information Literacy? Using the BIG 6 Research Method! Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies
Identify types of sources available
Are there assignment limitations?
Location limitations?
Print vs. Electronic requirements?
Evaluate source possibilities & prioritize
Databases available? Step 3: Location & Access of Sources
Find your sources
Research! Research! Research!
Select the best sources for your assignment Step 4: Use Information
Analyze the sources for information
Extract information from source
Create Source Sheets Step 5: Synthesis
Organize information from multiple sources
Create your assignment product
Write your essay
Create your multimedia project
Present your work Step 6: Evaluation
Judge the product
Teacher (grade)
Self (Reflection)
Peers (Critique)
Judge the process
Did the Big 6 work for you?
Should you modify it in the future?
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