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Boston Massacre

No description

Dawn Foglein

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre occured on March 5,1770. It was a random act of violence between the colonists and the British soldiers.
It involved....
The british soldiers and the colonist's. The five colonist's that died were Crispres Attucks, Samuel Grey, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick, and Patrick Carr.
"Bloody Massacre"
The picture on the left is a drawing of the scene of the Boston Massacre.
The Boston Massacre took place in Boston, Massachutesetts.
The Boston Massacre occured because the colonist's threw snowballs, stones, and sticks.
Revolutionary War
It lead to the Revolutionary War because it sparked the colonist's desire for independence.
Vocabulary Words
Boston Massacre- an incident where colonist's threw things at the British soldiers and they fired killing five people
Casualities- people who have been injured or killed

Vocabulary Words
Revolutionary War- war between the Kingdom of Great Britian and the 13 colonies for the colonies to gain independence.
Riot- a form of civil disorder a disorginized group thrashing out in an act of violence.
The Boston Massacre resulted in five deaths and the soldiers were convicted of manslaughter. This riot was a cause of the Revolutionary War.
This is John Adams
Grave of the victims
Boston Massacre
This is the site of the current Boston, Massachusettes that commerates the Boston Massacre.
1. What is the Boston Massacre?
A. a riot
B. a war
C. a fire
D. none of the above

2. What was the date the Boston Massacre occured?
A. February 22, 1766
B. May 3,1812
C. March 5,1770
D. August 19,1770
3. Who defended the British troops?
A. Samuel Adams
B. John Adams
C. George Washington
D. James Caldwell

4. Who was involved in the Boston Massacre?
A. British Troops
B. American Colonists
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above
5. Where did the Boston Massacre occur?
A. Boston,NY
B. Boston, Pennsylvania
C. Boston, California
D. Boston, Massachusettes
6. What started the Boston Massacre.
A. throwing snowballs
B. throwing sticks
C. throwing stones
D. all of the above
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