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Time Travel

No description

Brittany Fleur

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Time Travel

Time Travel
Time Travel Through The Ages
The oldest written story on time travel (The Mahabharata) , written around 700 B.C, is the story of king Revaita, who traveled to a different world. When he gets back, many ages has passed. (Gibbs)
Examples Of Time Travel Today
Time Travel
Time travel is a captivating subject that alters or completely annihilates concepts you have held dear your whole life. To truly understand time travel you must understand time itself.
Theory Of Special Relativity
By: Brittany Fleur and Hunter McCloskey

Gibbs, P. D. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.mythfolklore.net/india/encyclopedia/revati.htm

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Back to the future (Released in 1985) is an american movie that is about a kid who goes back in time.
Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' (book published in 1843) is a story of a man who is transported backward and forward in time.
Black Holes and Time Travel
Black Holes and Time Travel Cont.
time paradox
is when the flow of time collapses in on its self due to something changing the past.
The classifications of time paradoxes
- "In general, most can be broken down into one of two principal types:
Meeting your parents before you are born.
The man with no past" (Michio, 1994)
So going through time can cause paradoxes. If you change any events, you can completely alter the flow of time.

To an outside observer, it would seem that they would be traveling faster than the speed of light.
is a method of cooling a living organism
Breathing and heartbeat still occur, but at a slower pace
Tried on rats, dogs and pigs.
Not humans.
Satellite GPS Atomic Clock's
gain 38 microseconds everyday
This causes the location accuracy to be off by several miles
This is combated by built in calibrations which take in the fact that they gain 38 microseconds.
You need to go at the speed of light.
We currently do not have the equipment or technology on earth to go at the speed of light.
Problems with Time Travel
(As of Now)
Paradoxes make time travel impossible.
Say, for instance, you go into time, and give yourself the blueprints of a time machine, and that is how you gained the knowledge to go back in time. So where does the blue print/idea come from?
Reverse of the process is not possible.
You can "Go back" position-wise
You can't "Go back" time-wise.
Time is a human invention made to explain the sequence of events linearly (In a straight line).
Almost as soon as time was able to be understood, people have imagined being able to change the order that events had taken
Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity is the basis of the most plausible time travel.
If you travel away from your twin at the speed of light, you will find that your twin has aged more than you.
While you are traveling, your aging will slow. This is because all processes- chemical, biological, mechanical - are all constrained by the speed of light.
1937, W. J. Van Stockum proposed a solution to Einstien's equations that permitted time travel.
By allowing the existence of an infinitely dense spinning cylinder, rotating at or near the speed of light, he argued that a person could travel in time.
An individual traveling around the cylinder, obtaining "fantastic" speeds (Michio, 2005)
While time travel does not appear possible — at least, possible in the sense that the humans would survive it — with the physics that we use today, the field is constantly changing. Advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes.
So is time travel possible?
One possibility, although it would not necessarily lead to time travel, is solving the mystery of how certain particles can communicate instantaneously with each other faster than the speed of light.
In the meantime, however, interested time travelers can at least experience it vicariously through movies, television and books.
(Howell, 2013)
Another theory for potential time travelers
narrow tubes of energy stretched across the entire length of the ever-expanding universe.
Thin regions,
left over from the early cosmos, These are predicted to contain huge amounts of mass and therefore could warp the space-time around them.
(Howell, 2013)
Either infinite or in loops
Have no ends, scientists say.
The approach of these strings parallel to each other would bend space-time so vigorously and in such a particular configuration that might make time travel possible, in theory.
(Howell, 2013)
Cosmic Strings
Cosmic Strings cont.
You can't enter a
black hole
The gravity from the
black hole
would rip you to shreds.
Time seems to freeze inside a
black hole.
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