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Case food king

No description

Daniel Palis

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of Case food king

Case Food King
Cesa Sprott School of Business

Juan Alarcon
Catherine Castillo
Daniel Palis
Efraín Ramirez
Gloria Vasquez
Case Overview
Food king grocery supermarket

Major challenge is the competitive positioning: Cleanliness, Avalilability, timely service, Reasonable prices.

Work schedule for stocking and bagging personnel.
Action Plan
Schedule the staff with the following restrictions and priorities: Delimit full and part time jobs, Cover peak and regular hours with the least amount of employees in stocking and bagging.

Develop working blocks in a timely fashion so that all employees have a fair amount of work and schedule.

Ensure that young employees cover the stocking task and elderly people focuses on bagging.

Oriented to ensure a reasonable set of work policies, utilizes the personnel efficiently and minimize labour costs.


Operation Management

Implemented LP- solver in order to optimize vailable resources stablishing as objective function: minimize cost.

Program the work shifts in order to satisfy elderly and young employees needs according to the book methodology. Ex. 11.2.

Covered high fluctuations, ensuring high level of customer service. With the outcome we achieved the 4 Priorities:
Cleanliness and availability covered with stocking personnel, and timely service covered with bagging personnel. Prices seem reasonable for customers if we keep providing a high level service.
Peak in Bagging Thursday and Friday
Peak in Stocking Monday and Thursday
Cost Full Time and part Time
Full time up to 40 hours per week
Two Straight free days for full time personnel
Part Time Up to 20 hours per week
Part Time no more than 50% of full time
4 hour block - Hopefully straight 8 Hours
Elderly should be in Bagging
Young in Stocking
Optimize cost regarding Employee hiring

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