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Business Plan Template

No description

Michael Arciniegas

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Business Plan Template

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Planning for global business Company Description: Fieldhouse USA is a sports facility Investment Climate Political Stability: Due to the poverty of Brazil, we will sell membership fees for $10 a month Field House Brazil A replica of FieldHouse USA in Rio de Janeiro Michael Arciniegas
12/13/2012 Benefits for Global Market: Can help promote a healthy lifestyle and Brazil would benefit from a rec center Opportunities for Global Market: Many families in Brazil do not have access to recreational facilities Methods of Entry: Advertise the company when it is being built to spread the word Trade Barriers, laws, costs, etc: The cost to build the facility would be 50 million and the cost of workers and supplies should be around 1 million. Taxes and other incentives: Government will have high tax incentives to promote a recreational facility everyone can afford Exporting Plan Exporting product: Must have a good reputation, advertising,and a reasonable price Business Environment: We will surround ourselves in the center of Rio where everyone can have access to it Market Potential: The potential of this product is very high because it is in the center of a major city and involves recreational activities at a reasonable price Export Transaction: We will sell only a management contract in case the company fails, the team can leave the country easily since they do not own the company Cultural Human resources management Human resources environment: There will be an ethnocentric approach to fill in key positions to teach others Identifying and selecting staff: A selective screening will be held to find employees and if none are met, a job fair will be held or have a balance of strengths and weaknesses Training and Development: Cross cultural development will help the Americans get accustomed to Brazilian life Cultural employee motivation: Employees will get tax deductibles, housing, and free health and life insurance International Marketing Target Market: Anyone is welcome but mainly lower income families The marketing mix: The rec center will be $10 and will include a variety of sports with the floorboards coming from China Product planning and research: Will take 9 months to build and will have everything ready to go including a Brazilian lifestyle theme to the facility Product or service strategy: I will offer a product that meets people's needs at an affordable price with good pay to employees
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