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Learning about my instrument ( Trumpet)

A music assignment to discover about our instrument.

Student Dent

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of Learning about my instrument ( Trumpet)

Trumpet The parts of my Trumpet Bell
Finger hook
Valve casing
Lead pipe
Tuning slide
Valve slides

The trumpet is made of
zinc and copper but mostly brass. What the trumpet is made of How to clean the trumpet To clean out the spit
hold the spit lever and blow through
your mouthpiece (recomended under a sink). The spit lever look like this. How to take care of the Trumpet How I take of the school trumpet when
I bring it home is first take the trumpet
out and play it then when I am done
I check that nothing has happened to the
trumpet so the naxt person could play it
and when the valves are a little sticky to
press down I put valve oil to make it easier
to press down. How the Trumpet used to look like This is one of the earliest trumpet. How the trumpet changed over time This how the trumpet looks now Where the trumpet was played(any speacial occaions) Where I have played it is at school in the music room.
The speacial occaion would be the Spring concert this year.
But the natural trumpet was actully used as a military instrument
to facilitate communication(e.g. break camp,retreat,etc). By: Marusa
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