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AutoDesk Inventor

No description

raquel rojas

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of AutoDesk Inventor

this tool allows the easy creation of openings in a part. It uses a single sketch to define the various elements of the grill.
you can stitch surfaces together into a quilt.
To stitch successfully, edges must be exactly the same size and adjacent to each other.
Use stitch in the part environment to combine surfaces whose edges are exactly the same size.
A stitch feature is placed in the ribbon.

Lip allows you to project existing 2D sketches geometry and existing part edges to 3D sketch
Click each of the model edges you want to make 3D
Use draft
Use geometry

AutoDesk Inventor

Damaris Ochoa Raquel Rojas Daisy Morales Jessica Nino
Click model tab>surface>stitch
choose a method to select surfaces.
right click and choose select all from the context menu to select all surfaces at once.
in the graphics window, click to select one or more individual surfaces, as the surfaces are selected, the edge conditions are displayed. Edges without a co-edge become red in color. successfully stitched edges are black.
click the analyse tab to enable/disable edge analysis and assess edges before stitching together. (note checking tangent edge analysis decreases system performance.)
clicke the stitch tab
set the tollerance
if appropriate, enable
Create or import a thin walled part
design 2 work planes and two work points
on the ribbon, click model tab>plastic part panel> lip
select the two paths (do not select the chamber edges. leave path open.
select z axis as pull direction
use manipulator to adjust lip across
expand path extents selector and select the two planes and points. use green and yellow dots to chooses which selections to keep or remove.
click green or yellow dots untill configuration
click ok
Create or import a thin-walled part.Define the various Grill outlines on a 2D sketch on a plane external to the surface where the Grill is desired.

On the ribbon, click Model tab >Plastic Part panel >Grill .
enter the Thickness, Height, Outside Height parameters.

Select the Rib profiles. Drag the cursor left to right to select only what is entirely included in the window. Drag the cursor from right to left the window to select whatever entities are intersected by the window boundaries.
Enter the Rib Thickness, Height, Top Offset parameters.

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