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Patterns in Literature

No description

Sophia Camejo

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Patterns in Literature

Patterns in Literature
Rags to Riches
The main character begins the story living in poverty.

By the end of the story, this character becomes rich.

What would be an example of Rags to Riches?

Coming of Age
A character moves from childhood to adulthood, and the challenges that many adolescents face are often carefully detailed.

What is an example of Coming of Age?
The Great Quest
The characters must go on a long journey, physically or emotionally, often to find or to accomplish something, such as a way to destroy something.

They often face challenges or meet new friends.

What is an example of a great quest?
Even when the same themes, patterns, or events, and character types are repeated in two stories, other elements may change.

Examples: page 47 in books
Getting the Idea
Contemporary, or modern, fiction often uses the same themes, patterns of events, or character types as stories from long ago.

These are stories that have been popular throughout the ages because they speak to some general themes that all people experience, such love, revenge, and hope.
Forbidden Love
Two people fall in love but, for some reason, cannot be together.

Some stories end in tragedy, and the couple remains apart forever.

In other stories, the two people find a way to be together, in spite of the obstacles that surround them .
Two Rivals
Two characters are pitted against each other in a competition for the same thing.
One character represents good, while the other represents evil.
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