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New York PM

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on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of New York PM

New York PM By: Jannine, Ella, Charlie
Economic Location
Wall Street
Historic Location
Geographic Location
1. The total height of The Niagara Falls is 167 feet
Political Location
Interesting Facts
New York's Economy
New York's History
New York's Geography
New York's Government
Road Trip Distance
Empire State Building
1. The Empire state building is one of the tallest buildings in new york

2. The empire state building is 103 stories high
5. The Empire state building has 73 elevators
4. The Empire state buildings elevators are the fastest working elevators you can get from the lobby to the 80th floor in 45 seconds
3. The rooftop height is 1250 feet.
1. Wall street is 0.7 miles long.
2.Wall street is in Manhattan, New york.
3.wall street is a financial district in new york
4.wall street is 8 blocks long
5.wall street is one of the most popular places in new york
1. Albany sits on the west bank of Hudson River
2. Albany is the fourth largest urban area in New York
3. Albany was offically chartered as a city in 1686
4. Albany's old name was Beverwijck
The Niagara Falls
2. Niagara Falls was formed on the side of New york when glaciers melted at the last ice age.
3. It is illegal ( and not very smart ) to go over Niagara falls
4. The first tightrope walker to cross Niagara falls did so in 1859
New york
The state bird of new york is the Eastern Bluebird
The state flower of New York is a rose
The nickname of New York is The Empire State
Apples are the state fruit of New York
New York's state mammal is a beaver
This is a physical map of New York that shows the landmarks of importance in new york
This is a political map of New York that shows you the areas of population where one democratic vote is stronger than the other
This is an economic map of new york that shows you the amount of economic present in each geographic point
This is a climate map of New York that shows you the climate in New york
The Statue of Liberty
1. The statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall from the ground to the torch
2. The face on the statue of liberty measures over 8 feet
3. A broken chain lies at the feet of the statue
4. The official name of the Statue of Liberty is " Liberty Enlightening the World
5. The Statue of Liberty was designed by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi
6. The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, in the New York harbor, USA
Tourists bring a lot of money to New york .
From wall street to the Empire state building it is 3.7 miles.
From the empire state to Niagara falls it is 440 miles
From The Niagara Falls to Albany the distance is 320 miles
from Albany to the statue of liberty it is 220 miles
From the statue of liberty to WCE it is 1,780
Another thing that brings money to New York is publishing newspapers and magazines

Niagara Falls is also a great money maker

New York makes a lot of money by selling tile matches and car bumpers
1827 slavery is legally abolished in New york state .
1785 -1789 New york city is Americas national capitol

New York played a pivotal role during the Revolutionary War

New Yorks farmland is 54,475 square miles
The Appalachain mountains cover about half the state
The Adrionidack mountains have some of the highest peeks in the eastern united states
New Yorks Goverment is in Albany
The governor of New York are Andrew Coumo
The senators of New York are Charels Shumer and Kriston Gillibrand
In the New York goverment there are 21 democrats and 6 republicans

This is New York's state song
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