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A Discourse on Discharge

No description

Samantha Ishak

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of A Discourse on Discharge

I interviewed Frank Mendelson, a good friend of mine who is an expert on mind control. He decided to run an experiment on himself:
It is simple. The chemicals in our tap water are seeping into our eyes and creating the discharge. The compounds react with the natural substances in our eyes to create a thin glaze over the cornea. This glaze is used to only allow certain visual content to be seen by the naked eye. Advertising companies and our government use this to communicate mind controlling messages without being detected.
So what?
Many people do not care for unknown substances in the water they use every day, but an intelligent individual would surely be suspicious of dubious government motives. What if there is something bigger behind the chemicals and the discharge? Something that's been right in front of our very eyes...?
Do you ever wake up in the morning only to find an odd sandy substance or mucus in the corners of your eyes? "Experts" will tell you one thing...
The truth about eye boogers that the U.S. government doesn't want you to know
The Truth
The discharge is actually excess dried up chemicals from the tap water we use for personal hygiene. In fact, the Environmental Working Group states that "Since 2004, at least 131 million Americans received tap water polluted with unregulated contaminants." Interesting!
The Lies
F: I studied abroad in Indonesia for a semester, and became enlightened on mind control tactics and how to protect your mind from being toyed with.
S: Tell me more about your specific experiment.
F: Well, I decided to ditch tap water for three months. For extra care, I only drank Pepsi Next and did not bathe or wash myself.
S: What a commitment! You're a hero.
F: Yeah. Completely due to the lack of the Glaze, I never felt the urge to buy anything or fear authority figures.
S: Incredible, it was the Glaze all along. Once you got rid of the tap water, you were freed.
F: The Glaze is real, my dude.
S: The Glaze is real.
What are the consequences of government control? Aren't laws made to protect us and keep us safe? These are moral questions to ask yourself when you have to choose between your safety and your looming submission to authority. Would you rather be controlled by the government and huge corporations, or wake up and fight for your freedom? The choice is up to you, fight the Glaze!
by Samantha Ishak
source: http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/eye-discharge.htm
"Unregulated Contaminants"
Why is it that, with our advanced technologies in the year 2015, these substances are unable to be identified and dealt with? Shouldn't the public know what they are drinking and washing themselves with? First it's our water supply, then it's our food...give it a few more years, and it'll be running through our veins!
"I no longer get little bits of eye-sandies after I gave up washing my face."
"I was nearly fired for wanting to expose The Glaze coverup to the public with my show. Now, I don't care what happens to my career. Americans need to know."
- Ina Garten, AKA the "Barefoot Contessa"
- Daniel Craig
source: http://www.ewg.org/tap-water/sourcesofwaterpollution.php
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