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Five Seconds Of Summer!

No description

Sadie Mackinnon

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Five Seconds Of Summer!

Five Seconds Of Summer!
breif biography
Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings all went to school together. They later formed a band together and started posting videos on Youtube. In Decemeber 2011 Ashton Irwin joined the band and they are better than ever now. They recently were the opening act for One Directions Take Me Home tour.
Most Famous piece of work
I think their most famous piece of work is Try Hard.
Why do I think Try Hard is their most famous piece of work?
I think it is their most famous piece of work because its a very fun and cool song and its a very well written, I think its a story on how the guy likes the girl but she thinks he's not good enough and is trying to hard. Hence the name "Try Hard".
Covers and
Why did i choose 5SOS?
I chose them because I've liked them for a very long time and they are a great band. They also perform very well with each other.
Covers of the song.
Why is the original better?
Were the covers or the original better?
What insturments does Michael Clifford play?
What instruments does Luke Hemmings play?
What insturments does Ashton Irwin play?
I have checked out some really good covers for example there is Izzie Naylor, Emma Cambell, and izzi Gonzalez.
What instrument does Calum Hood play?
He originally plays the guitar, nothing else.
He originally plays the drums. He also plays the piano, guitar, and saxaphone.
Although the covers are very good, I just think the original is much better
he play the guitar, no other
he plays the bass, nothing else.
What genre does 5SOS play?
There genre consists of Pop, Punk and Rock.
How did I discover 5SOS?
I discovered them by Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. One time he tweeted to listen to five seconds of summers song HeartBreak Girl, and there was a link, so I listened to them and it was such a good song I just kept listening to all of there songs and I just could'nt stop listening to them.
Why they chose to pursue a musical career.
I couldn't find anything on this. But my opinion is that they all just had that share of loving to sing and perform so they just got out there and tried to make it in the music business and they did.
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