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Pendidikan Politik Muda

How we maintain democracy for future Indonesia.

Rizqan Adhima

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Pendidikan Politik Muda

population: 243 million people
population: 2,8 million
capital region
including me
I am Indonesian!
nation, after India and USA
"Unity in Diversity"
34 Province, almost 500+ region,
more than 1000+ ethnic group with 750+ ethnic language.

"What happen in Jakarta, is What happen in Indonesia.
Jakarta also represent "democracy life" in Indonesia."
You know Jakarta New Mayor, Mr. Jokowi?
Everyone love him; new politician 2.0,
young and hopeful. see >> http://www.nst.com.my/opinion/columnist/jokowi-s-work-ethic-is-an-inspiration-1.151168
Someone say:
including me, I am also Garutian
Au contraire, political life here is not going well since..
People HATE our typical-politician mayor; greedy, stupid, and personal-claim handsome. WTF!?@%*&GTH!
you can see how worst our mayor in >>
Shame. Total fail.
and now we're in:
why both are so different?
A: maybe.. urban and rural disparities.

Q: So.. if we are poorer, more stupid, and villager we don't have a right to get better political life?

Being rural people
doesn't mean that
we don't have voice.

WE want political CHANGE.
How to create better
political life in rural area?
Pendidikan Politik Muda
(Youth Political Education)
130 million people live in rural Indonesia. For 32 years in Orde Baru (before Reform era 1998), rural people was dissociated from their political right - used to think that politic have no benefit at all.
43 % people are under 25 years old. It's easier and long lasting to educate youth than senior citizen. Then I think, we have no comprehensive political education for young people yet.
Generasi Desa: Pendidikan Politik Muda
Political Education for rural youth
We educate rural youth about politics and local development by promoting post 2015 development agenda, open government partnership initiavites, and social empowerment programs. inc. minority representations (disability, minority ethnic, minority religion, youth with HIV/AIDS, young parent)
Local development research center
after educate youth, we encourage them to do social research in their own village to identify priority problems based on community needs. It also help us to monitoring our objective and impact analysis.
Youth advocacy
Youth voice and ideas resulted from education and research will be advocated to local government and multi-stake holders. It have to be input for government program and act and also increasing youth participation on politics.
Community empowerment
Not only ask government to change, we also drive youth to create village based community empowerment program. So one village can produce one service or product used social enterprise system to solve social problem yet improve their quality of life.
Generasi Desa: Pendidikan Politik Muda
and act.

We want to put pride and dignity back
to every youth in rural area.

Because we can.
We need a lots energy
to make it happen!
and YOU.
Maintaining World Freedom
Future Democracy
in IND
Presentation by:
Rizqan Adhima
for Global Engagement Summit 2013
Resources needed:
Pro bono consulting
Place to gather
Volunteering committee
Media coverage
Funding support
Yes, funding :)
Anticipated Problem:
Political party interest to gain voters by ruining neutrality of this program
How to create this program suitable and sustainable for young people (suppose to be fun!)
maintain management and volunteer during long period of program
gain enough funding to cover all expenses; etc.
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